BE Chapter 2: Water of the saint soul

Chapter 2: Water of the saint soul

TN: I’ve changed Emperor level to Tian Wang realm. Also look at the glossary, at the bottom, there are the cultivation ranks.

Looking at the angered face of Xie Aoyu, Xie Zhe and Xie Gang laughed wildly.

Other than Xie Aoyu, both of them are the people with the lowest talent and standing within the Xie family. Due to being in the lowest realm of the Primary realm after cultivating for five to six years. Belonging in the lowest among realm.

So, Xie Aoyu is the only these two could bully as he is a freak that could not even cultivate a single strand of Battle Qi.

“You want to hit me? Come, hit me, hit here.” Xie Zhe grabbed onto Xie Aoyu’s fist, placed it by his nose and yelled.

Xie Aoyu grasps his fist tightly.

He feels that all of his strength has flowed into his fist.

“Hit me, hit me.” Xie Zhe clamored.

If this is to be tolerated, then what can’t!

Xie Aoyu is finally driven to his limit getting all his courage and strength built up for this one blow.

“Xie Zhe, Xie Gang, what are you two doing!” At this very moment, a clear and melodious voice rang, as a graceful body appeared in front of the trio.

She had pitch hair which came falling to her shoulders, an oval ruddy face, beautiful pupil coupled with a fine jade nose, definitely a beauty.

Looking at this girl, the once arrogant Xie Zhe and Xie Gang quickly lower their head. They can’t afford to offend this young lady. She is at the top of the Primary realm, standing two boundaries higher compared to those two.

“Only know how to depend on a woman, if the opportunity arises again, see how this young master punishes you.”

“Hey, did I allow you two to leave!?” Bing Wu placed both her hands by her waist, like a hot pepper and shouted.

Xie Aoyu belongs to the androcentrism type, he does not wish to let Bing Wu act for him. He believes as long as he cultivates, purely using his body strength he could defeat both Zhe Xie and Zhe Gang. Therefore he waved his hand, “forget it, Bing Wu, it isn’t like you don’t know about the vice of these two bastards.” He looks and Bing Wu, smile and said, “Why did you come?”

Looking at Xie Aoyu, Bing Wu raised her pretty face, like an ice being defrosted. She grins and says, “Can’t I come here to see you?” After finishing, she spoke excitedly, “I’m here to tell you some good news.”

“What kind of news can make you this happy.” Xie Aoyu asked.

“There’s a highly skilled expert and she came here to receive me as a disciple.” Bing Wu said excitedly.

Xie Aoyu replied, “Which highly skilled expert?”

Bing Wu laughed and said, “You Lan Ruo!”

“The Butterfly Queen? You Lan Ruo?!” Xie Aoyu exclaimed.

Bing Wu nod in with effort agitatedly.

Although unbelievable, with the look on Bing Wu face, it could not be a lie. Xie Aoyu is bitter and happy at heart. Bitter after thinking about himself, while happy for Bing Wu.

Who didn’t know about her, the Butterfly Queen? On the Qi Ao continent, her name has spread far and wide. With her real name being You Lan Ruo. She has a Wind Fire Meteor seven colored butterfly, an Emperor realm demonic beast. She appeared ten years ago, her first appearance was during the continental youth competition held once every ten years, using a single sword she swept past every opponent.

Afterward, You Lan Ruo challenged experts from everywhere, almost everywhere on the Qi Ao continent has traces of her being there, having beaten all experts under 30 years old. When she was 30 years old, she achieved the Emperor realm having broking through from the Zhi Sheng realm.

“Why would she come to this small place?” Xie Aoyu asked.

“I heard from master herself, she came out this time seeking for something, preparing to help her demon beast to evolve.” Bing Wu said enthusiastically, “Master saw me and immediately said that me staying here would be a waste, if she was to teach me, I would long be able to reach Ling realm and not being stuck at the Primary realm.”

Xie Aoyu amazed and said, “Looks like Bing Wu would be the second Butterfly Queen.”

The now excited Bing Wu showed a glimpse of disappointment and said, “I once asked master regarding your problem. Master said that uncle once asked someone to look for her and she does not have any method.”

“I know about this.” Xie Aoyu said with a smile, after affirming that she is the real You Lan Ruo because the matter of Xie Qian asking someone to look for You Lan Ruo for Xie Aoyu’s problem was a secret.

As both of them spoke, they returnded to the Xie family.

Entering the six elder’s private courtyard.

Xie Aoyu’s father Xie Qian is one of the six elders of the Xie family, moreover, in the early years, Langya City had three families in control, and Xie family being one of them. During that time It was Xie Qian who appeared and led the Xie family to destroy the other two families, making the Xie family become the only family in Langya city. Due to being concentrated in cultivating, he did not take the position of the family leader, instead, it was given to his half-brother, of the same father different mother, which is the current leader, Xie Lian.

As one steps in, smell of light medicine fragrance lingers.

The carefree Xie Aoyu mood of his becomes heavy, seeing Xie Qian lying on the bed, his heart could be said to be very complexed.

When his mother died young, his father, Xie Qian raised him up. Since then because of his weird constitution he went everywhere for help, and who knew three years ago, he suddenly went into a coma.

In these three years, Xie Qian’s body has no difference from a normal person, but he just couldn’t be awoken from his coma.

“Father.” Xie Aoyu looks at the now sleeping Xie Qian, his heart couldn’t muster anything. He hated himself, if he could cultivate Battle Qi, he would have cultivated to a certain high leveled strength and travel the continent to look for medicinal help.

Every time he thinks about this, Xie Aoyu’s heart just twitches.

He swore in his heart, even if he can’t cultivate Battle Qi, he will train hard, making sure his body would be able to stand on par with those Battle Qi experts.

“Thump Thump Thump”

The sound of hurried steps came from outside.

Xie Aoyu and Bing Wu looked up, only to see family leader Xie Lan came in dancing with joy. The look of joy on his face doesn’t make up for a family leader.

“Ao Yu, you’re back, that’s great.” Xie Lan said.

“Uncle, you?” Xie Aoyu curiously looked at Xie Lan. He has never seen Xie Lan like this before, after all, he is head of the family, he must be strict.

Xie Lan said in a thrilling voice, “Do you still remember master Zi Yan once said about the method of waking your father?”

Xie Aoyu nodded, “I remember, master Zi Yan once said, to wake father, only the water of the saint soul from legend, there’s no other way.”

“That’s right, I have gotten news just now, it’s about the continental youth competition that is held once every ten years, and the champion prize for this year has been announced. One of them is water of the saint soul!” Xie Lian said.


Xie Aoyu jumped up all of a sudden.

He literally couldn’t believe what he just. The continental youth competition champion prize surprisingly is the water of the saint soul. One must know that it is one of the most mysterious things in the universe.

“Without a doubt, according to the continental youth competition rules, to allow every youth expert to participate, they usually announce the champion prize ahead of time by two years. This time our city’s main palace gotten the information, haha, this time, my second brother can finally be awoken.” Xie Lan said agitatedly.

Xie Aoyu heart felt a cold wave tingers through, he did not even have the time to be happy.

It’s because he couldn’t cultivate Dou Qi.

“Ao Yu, don’t forget our Bing Wu already has Butterfly Queen as her master. Butterfly Queen was the champion of the previous year, now she’s the number one most recognized person on the continent.” Xie Lan laughed.

Bing Wu waved her small fist, “I will definitely do my best.”

Looking at Bing Wu’s firm expression, Xie Aoyu feels touched. Even Bing Wu can, why can’t I? I am a man!

As a man I must never say never!

“Ao Yu, how are you gonna thank me after I get the water of the saint soul?” Bing Wu saw Xie Aoyu hesitated to speak, assume that he should be upset while thinking about his own inability to cultivate Battle Qi, thus change the topic.

Xie Aoyu who finally thought it through, carefreely said, “Then, I’ll marry you.”

“Haha, good, I’ll testify.” Xie Lan laughs heartily.

Bing Wu stomped her feet in embarrassment, angrily said, “I’ll not pay any attention to you two.” Turned around and ran out, the moment she reached the door she said, “I’ll go find my master so I can start to cultivate now.”

Xie Lan laughed, “this is a incredibly great news, I’m going to drink one, Ao Yu, you accompany me.”

“No, I’ll accompany father and talk to him.” Xie Aoyu said.

Xie Lian said, “ That’s good too.” and left.

Xie Aoyu kneeled by the bed, looked at the serene facial feature of his father, and solemnly swore, “Father, your son swear, he will DEFINITELY bring the water of the saint soul back!” He left for the back mountain the moment he finished.

No matter if it was Xie Qian’s previous contribution to Xie family or Xie family leader’s relationship with him, Xie Qian will always have people who will care and serve him, therefore Xie Aoyu isn’t worried about the servants doing anything when he isn’t around.

The back mountain is where Xie Qian used to cultivate.

Other Xie family juniors either stay at Xie family’s stage or cultivation rooms to cultivate, only because Xie Qian has immense strength, and exceed the Xie family strongest cultivator by five boundaries, therefore when he practices his Dou technic, it will affect others easily.

Ever since Xie Qian’s stupor, the back mountain became lonely.

Xie Aoyu came to the back mountain, he could no longer suppress his depressing mood, exclaimed crazily, “I, Xie Aoyu, will definitely not lose. I will become an expert, DEFINITELY!” His mood suddenly surges with a punch on a tree that is roughly one meter thick.

“Ka cha!”

The sound of breaking could be heard.

Xie Aoyu looked up, dumbfounded.

That tree was nearly one meter thick, and it was destroyed by one punch of his.

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