Please support me!

Hi everyone! Light onion here.

First of all I would like to address somethings here.

    1. I’m new.
    1. I’m currently doing this because I like wn as a whole and i thought it would be interesting if i translated it myself.
    1. There will not be a fixed schedule to release but i will try to keep 3-4 per week as I have my own work.
    1. If you like to see a fixed schedule support me at my patreon, all the money will go into making the site better and help me pay off my rent and stuff.
    1. Currently i will do as much as i can for this week as i’m free, afterwards, i will do my best to keep up with what i said 3-4 per week. It’s hard to do everything on my own.
    1. Will i do this full time? If this happen to be able to support me I will consider a jump. I still have to feed my stomach, pay my rent so money is something i can’t not have, do understand uwu.
    1. I do do sponsor chapter at $25 each, pm me if you have anything to ask at my discord
    1. Comments, i read them be it criticism or anything else.
    1. Enjoy đŸ˜‰

That’s all i want to say for now. I hope everyone joins me on my journey. I really look forward to finishing this series as i’ve read a bit before translating and i thought this novel is really is worth the read for others too.

Best regards,

The best onion

3 thoughts on “Please support me!

  1. While I’m a bit glad to see this again, it’s tough to start a novel over again especially when it was already to chapter 96 when it was last dropped.


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