BE Chapter 3: Unimaginable change

Chapter 3: Unimaginable change

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Looking at the tree dumbfoundedly, Xie Aoyu could not believe it. He stretched his hand, and touched it, confirming the tree had actually had indeed been broken.

Even if so, he still could not believe his eyes.

Although he practices and trains his body crazily, he knew in himself that with his strength, he could not even defeat Xie Zhe who was the lowest of low in cultivation, don’t even mention about easily breaking a tree this big of a size. So, of course, he went to another tree.

This tree is similarly one meter thick.

Before hitting, Xie Aoyu inspected the tree, confirming that it is without a doubt perfect. He then hit it, without using his full strength, but roughly fifty percent.

A fist came hitting.


That big tree started shaking vigorously.

Afterward, he saw the place his fist had hit sent out crackling sounds, it was unexpectedly broken in the middle. Xie Aoyu looks at his right hand, a little curious.

“How, how is this possible?” Xie Aoyu surprised and exclaimed, “Is it the 3-colored ball?”

He carefully recalls.

Just this afternoon, before he went to Langya mountain, he went to train, but the strength was not of this standard. After he came down from Langya mountain till now, the only change he had was after consuming the 3-colored ball.

Xie Aoyu eyes shook.

A surged of immense joy.

Strength, this is the pure strength within his body!

Xie Aoyu then ran towards a stone which weighs about 500-600 jin, if like before, he wouldn’t be able to carry it, at most he would be able to move it a little. TN: 1 jin is 0.5kg

Bring hope of anticipation, doubts and a tinge of worry.

He stretched his hand to push the near 600 jin stone with a little strength.


That stone was surprisingly was able to roll from his push.

Xie Aoyu ran over, stretches his hand to hold the stone, using lots of effort, in the end, the stone was actually lifted by him, also what made him surprised was that the stone felt incomparably light as if it was only 10 jin. This vigorous strength, made him felt extremely shocked.

After feeling shocked, Xie Aoyu muttered, “How much strength did the 3-colored ball grant me?”

He looks around

Realising that the only thing to test his strength in the surrounding was a huge stone that nearly weighs 700 jin, therefore he decided to go over and test it out.

It was easy.

Both of Xie Aoyu’s eyes shimmer with a glitter of excitement, “Why don’t I try my Lightning god body technique again?”

Thinking of that Lightning god body technique, Xie Aoyu starts to get excited, at the same time worried. One must know that Lightning god body technique is the technique one of Xie Qian ’s friend gave to it him before his death, not wanting the technique to be lost with him.

Initially, this friend’s body technique is said to be very strong, thus people in the Xie family also have a strong desire for it. But who knew that the scroll would be very difficult to open. Afterward, it was then revealed that the scroll reel had someone placed a test to see whether he/she is deemed worthy of cultivating it, even Xie Qian couldn’t open it.

Xie Aoyu once tried but to no avail.

However, the Xie Aoyu now realized his body has changed, he obviously wants to give it a try, therefore he entered the Xie family’s Dou technique pavilion.

Dou technique pavilion’s Advance level Dou technique were mostly brought back by his dad, Xie Qian from outside, some are obtained through murder, some are through luck, some are given by others.

That included many body type techniques.

Seeing Xie Aoyu, the elder that guards the Dou technique pavilion did not stop him. Previously, Xie Aoyu goes to the Dou technique pavilion often to pick body technique, therefore they are already accustomed to it.

Entering the Dou technique pavilion, Xie Aoyu went straight to where the body technique is located.

In front placed of numerous scroll reel.

Xie Aoyu arrives at the left first row, stretches his hand to reach for the first reel, that scroll reel is the one that recorded the Lightning god body technique. His heart still feels a little anxious.

One must know that this scroll reel contains a stroke of lightning.

If one isn’t suited to cultivate, the lightning will come lasering out, shocking one’s body to the point of paralysis, feeling an indefinite amount of uncomfort. But after thinking of the Continental Youth Competition champion prize, and the change that the 3-colored ball has brought, if he doesn’t try, he will feel unsatisfied and regret, therefore, he holds the scroll reel and make an effort to pull.

“Szzz zzz”

A stroke of lightning came lasering out of the scroll reel.

Xie Aoyu narrowed his eyes, looks at the lightning, only to see that lightning enters both his arm, at the same time, his chest felt hot. The lightning is rapidly gathering at his chest.

Then, nothing happened.

“That’s it!” Xie Aoyu exclaimed pleasantly.

Initially, when the 3-colored ball entered his body, he felt that the stream traveled in his entire body, and ends up gathering in his chest, moreover this lightning had the same reaction as well, thus proving the mysterious 3-colored ball power.

Xie Aoyu opens the scroll reel.

And all of a sudden, ten other strokes of lightning come lasering into his body.

The lightning of the smallest one is the size of a thumb, was dark purple in color, almost turning black, showing on how frightening the lightning is.

However, this lightning actually gathered by his chest.

Xie Aoyu successfully opened the scroll reel.

On it writes 4 huge words, Lightning god body technique.

The content of the scroll reel is an elegant picture, which introduces every posture for practice, every problem one might encounter while cultivating.

“I must practice this!” Xie Aoyu tightly grabs the Lightning god body technique, saying those words one by one.

He placed the Lightning god body technique in his bosom and left the Dou technique pavilion.

Returning to the back mountain.

Xie Aoyu once again opens the scroll reel.

Who knew, this time when he opened the scroll reel released lightning, and this time is way stronger compared to the previous one.

In the end, the lightning still gathers by his chest.

“Is the lightning within the scroll reel itself a way of quenching one’s body? Not just purely a test to see whether if one can cultivate it?” Xie Aoyu whispered.

He does not think too much about it but continues to study the Lightning god body technique.

He finishes studying it in 1 breath, Xie Aoyu then lets out one big breath.

“What a strong Lightning god body technique, cultivating to the last stage actually requires 100 strokes of red lightning, no wonder, no wonder it’s called Lightning god body technique.” Xie Aoyu exclaims.

Which was Heaven’s lightning level of strength, just one stroke is enough to kill anyone.

100 strokes of red lightning were 100 strokes of heaven’s lightning strike, then what kind of physique would it be then?

Xie Aoyu firmly strengthens his heart and will as he continues to read.

He immediately changed into the suitable condition to practice cultivation.

Lightning god body technique’s initial practice isn’t very abnormal, only require one to walk into the waterfall, using the waterfall to attack one’s body, thereafter practice alongside the turbulent current.

Most of the basic practices are using water.

According to the Lightning god cultivation technique’s introduction, practicing in water doesn’t just improve one’s physique, but also one’s flexibility. Practicing this technique isn’t to make one body stiff but to have a flexible body.

There is a waterfall at the back mountain.

Xie Aoyu headed there.

This waterfall is enormous, it is also Langya’s city number one water source, it can be imagined how strong the current is. Xie Aoyu took off his clothes and dived straight in.

Just as he went in, a strong turbulent current came crashing down, this current is actually received easily by Xie Aoyu. However, under his foot is slippery due to the waterfall, and he did not stand firmly, “splash”, causing him to fall into the water.

The current was too strong, when he reached the surface, he was already washed 100 meters away.

Xie Aoyu climbed ashore, and return to the waterfall.


Once again falling into the water.

Xie Aoyu just started an endless cycle of running back into the waterfall.

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