BE Chapter 4: Xiao Bai

Battle Emperor Chapter 4: Xiao Bai

After spending three days, standing still under the waterfall and breathe. It took nearly nine days to reach the center of the waterfall while being able to breathe, withstanding the waterfalls’ strongest current impact.

“Splash!” “Splash!”

The Waterfall falls unceasingly.

Heavy strike falls onto Xie Aoyu’s body, as his heavy body sway, his back was already colored red. This isn’t what a regular person could withstand.

“I MUST PERSIST!” Xie Aoyu yelled as he motivated himself.

Xie Aoyu tightly clenched his teeth, insisting on persisting.

Thinking about his father in a coma, his own faith became firm, the once lax him was soon strong-willed again. Tightly clenching his fist, his whole body muscle strengthens, withstanding the strong impact of the waterfall.


Another three minutes passed.

Xie Aoyu feels that both his legs are getting sore, his back is an immense amount of pain, bulges appear around his head.

“YI YA!”

A clear crisp sound transmits.

Xie Aoyu turns his head to look, only to see a white Ling beast doing some weird stance towards him in despise.

The White Ling beast has one of the lowest levels among all demonic beasts, it’s Primary realm low rank. Not having the simplest battle power, no magic ability, only its sharp claws as an attack.

However, the appearance of the White Ling beast looks to be encouraging Xie Aoyu to persist on.

Its first appearance was five days ago when Xie Aoyu was still slipping down the waterfall, trying to get his balance, trying to endure, that’s when this little kid appeared.

Its origin is a demon beast, but it looks like a small lion and a white tiger mixed. It cultivation rank is so low, not only not fearing him but doing things humanly stuff such as encouraging him with brandishing a fist, just then, then smiling Xie Aoyu slipped. As time passes, the White Ling beast gradually shows more humanly action.

Especially the moment when Xie Aoyu is unable to persist, it gave him a despising look, making Xie Aoyu mad at the same time some gave him some laughter. Being mad for getting looked down on by this small brat, bringing laughter because of its low IQ, the White Ling beast is as timid as a beast, yet has a variety of human emotions, like it was vivid and human-like, incredibly cute.

“Xiao Bai, I’ll continue to persist through!” Xie Aoyu suppressed the feeling of numb and soreness, clenching onto his teeth and continue to persist on with the incredible waterfall.

Xiao Bai is the name Xie Aoyu came up with for the humanly like White Ling beast.

“Yi Ya.” Xiao Bai curled his lips, squinting his eyes, showing emotions of suspicious on its face.

Unexpectedly got looked down by this little brat!

Xie Aoyu eyes flash a tint of ruthlessness, persist on struggling, he is only of 15 years, although he is said to be a freak and always ridiculed and taunted by others, in addition to his fathers three years of coma, this has made him mature a lot faster compared to other youngsters, but he has never given up, he isn’t willing to! Instead, he progresses year by year.

Because of this vigor, in near ten years of being unable to cultivate Dou Qi, he still continues persisting, even if there was no significant improvement over the ten years, even if this young man couldn’t continue, he won’t give up.

Will never concede!

Persist, persist, PERSIST!

Xie Aoyu told himself in his heart. Slowly, Xie Aoyu felt that those numbness, aching, swelling of his muscles were disappearing fast.

A very weak and warm stream of current produces from deep within his dantian. (Editor: HAHA FINALLY)

This warm stream of current is very small, just like a normal silk thread, but actually has a very tenacious cycle, starting from the dantian, it flows towards various part of his body towards the meridians.

“Yi Ya!”

Xiao Bye eyes suddenly widen and stares at Xie Aoyu, followed by using its claw to cover its mouth, like it is afraid of Xie Aoyu noticing him. Afterward to only return to how he was acting before.

“Battle QI!!!”

Xie Aoyu went crazy and exclaimed loudly.

He, unexpectedly, can cultivate Battle QI! (Editor: Which MC can’t haha ;>)

Under his wild joy, that strong turbulent waterfall once again sens Xie Aoyu slipping. He once again got washed away to near 100 meters before getting up to the surface.

“Haha, I finally got Battle Qi!” Xie Aoyu laughed out wildly.

He climbed out of the river and start dancing with joy for a full five minutes, then he continued by lying down. Taking a big breath of air under his heavy panting, his face still has a large smile.

To Xie Aoyu, Battle Qi used to be something achievable in a far future, however, now it is right inside of him, on his body. After being taunted and ridiculed for nearly ten years and years of pain and depression. Who could understand this kind of pain?
(Editor: ME ;( help me cultivate)

Xie Aoyu eyes shimmering like a crystal.

“Father, I will definitely succeed!” Xie Aoyu raises himself up to a sitting position and said firmly.

After calming down, Xie Aoyu thought of an issue.

How is he able to cultivate Battle Qi?

If it is because of Lightning god body technique, Xie Aoyu will surely not believe it, as the Lightning god body technique is used to cultivate one’s body, although it is one of the fastest ways to raise Dou Qi. Even if it is able to solve the problem of him not being able to cultivate Dou Qi, it surely is not start as simple as being hit the strong impact of the waterfall.

The reason certainly only be the 3-colored ball!

He felt blessed being able to obtain the 3-colored ball without using any means. From the start, it gave him a change in power, then it made him capable to open the scroll reel for Lightning god body technique, absorbing the lightning, and now he suddenly is capable of cultivating Battle Qi.

What exactly is this 3-colored ball?

Xie Aoyu thought for quite a while, still not a single clue. Xie Qian and I had already studied many materials and methods for his problem regarding being unable to cultivate Battle Qi.

If one has to compare knowledge, Xie Aoyu will have the guts to say he is a rich in literacy, comparable to a master.

However, he couldn’t even think about anything about the 3-colored ball.

“Is it a medicine compound by an alchemist?” Xie Aoyu shook his head if one must know that alchemist on this continent were very rare, but Langya city actually has a special existence, which is the continent-wide famous beauty Master Zi Yan.

Zi Yan is always helping with Xie Qian and his treatment.

Which is why Xie Aoyu has some knowledge of alchemist and the medicine they compound. He has never heard of any medicine that the moment it touches one’s lips will automatically melt and enters one’s body, moreover one part of if flow throughout his body, the other part gathers by his chest, this has a very big difference from a compounded medicine.

Even with thorough thoughts, Xie Aoyu still couldn’t find an answer.

“Yiya, Yiya” Xiao Bai held onto Xie Aoyu’s clothes and patted its own small chest, appearing to be hungry.

Xie Aoyu rolled his eyes, said in despise, “I knew you were only here to eat and drink.” He brought out some already prepared dry rations to give Xiao Bai, “Eat it.”

Xiao Bai who received Xie Aoyu’s rations appear to be angry at what he said, he then threw it into the river.

The river current flows very fast, a short while and there was no longer trace of the dry rations.

“Yi Ya!” Xiao Bai placed his small claws by his waist, seemingly discontented and said.

Xie Aoyu appeared very speechless, this little brat is very daring. In no way looks like a timid White Ling beast, instead, it is more of an incomparably fierce tiger.

“Forget it, I’m quite delighted today, I won’t haggle over this with you, I’ll go catch a fire rabbit to eat.” Xie Aoyu stretched his hand to pinch Xiao Bai’s cute ear and then left for the forest.

Seeing Xie Aoyu left, Xiao Bai looks extremely satisfied.

Very quickly, Xie Aoyu came back with two fire rabbit.

He set up a rack, went to look for some wood, bringing some torch, preparing to set a fire. Qi Ao continent’s Battle qi is extremely rich, but only demon beast can use magic, humans can’t cultivate fire.


Xiao Bai shoved Xie Aoyu aside, opened his mouth to call.


One strong flame came gushing out its mouth, lighting the wood on a fire.


Xie Aoyu sat on the ground, he looked at Xiao Bai, he could not believe what he just saw. This is more shocking when compared to him cultivating Battle Qi because White Ling Beast doesn’t know magic, it only uses its claw to fight, and on top of that the claws were very common, so everyone suggested to remove White Ling beast from the list of demonic beasts, treating it as a normal wild beast.

Thus, one is able to deduce how weak it is.

However, Xiao Bai is capable of spitting fire.

He surprisingly knew how to use fire-related magic.

Xie Aoyu rubbed his eyes with great effort, he confirmed that it was fire. For a moment, Xie Aoyu felt that these days were becoming increasingly more mysterious.

He not just could cultivate Battle Qi, Xiao Bai unexpectedly knows magic as well.

“YiYA!” Xiao Bai looks very complacently at Xie Aoyu, thereafter he made an action which led Xie Aoyu dumbfounded. Its claws pointed at the fire.


A breeze was blown, making the fire grow.

“Wind type magic!” Xie Aoyu is literally amazed.

Xiao Bai curled his lips, held its head up, stretching his claw making a fist posture, the other hand pointing at his muscle, a sign of “I’m very strong”.

Xie Aoyu looked at the current Xiao Bai, laughed.

Who knew that one White Ling beast could be this smart. One must know that a demon beast’s knowledge is closely related to its rank, very clearly Xiao Bai isn’t following this law by this rule.(Editor: Here the MC IS BEING dense, this isn’t a normal beast WTF :/)

There is also another possibility, Xiao Bai is a mutated version! (Editor: OR a whole new type haha, the legendary….. )

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