BE Chapter 5: This mutation

BE Chapter 5: The mutation

“Xiao Bai, what other magic do you know of?” Xie Aoyu asked.

Xiao Bai used its claw to scratch its head, followed by its eye moving about.

After a while, Xiao Bai then remembered.

As Xie Aoyu waited, filling with anticipation minute by minute, he saw Xiao Bai stretching out its claw towards a stone.


An ice arrow projected out, breaking the stone.

“Water-type magic that can evolve into ice magic!” Xie Aoyu yelled.

The small beast claw with one grab, a stroke of lightning came shooting out.

“Lightning type magic!”

Xiao Bai pats the ground, only to see roots spurting out from underground.

“Earth-type magic!”

Pointing to the sky, a light ball flew out.

“Light Magic!”

A random swinging of its claw, a black flame appeared.

“Dark Magic!”

Xie Aoyu rigidly called out one after another type of magic, even his eyes were set straight. This little brat actually is able to use 7 major types of all magic. (Editor: WTF MUTATION IS THIS (no element to 0 )

One must know that demon beast also has different types of battle Qi.

Most demon beast only have one type of magic, being capable of handling two types are rare, three type is near mythical, four types are capable of causing an earthquake, five types are only recorded in books about the old legends, six types has never been ever recorded, yet Xiao Bai actually capable of handling seven types of magic.

“Do you still have more?” Xie Aoyu asked.

Xiao Bai shook its head.

“Display your magic at the maximum and show me.” Xie Aoyu said, since this is a mutated demon beast, it should have a certain unique type of an attack.

“YiYa!” Xiao Bai raises its head, looking all mighty, facing a tree, it waved its beast claw.


Strokes of lightning from its beast claw flew out.

Xie Aoyu eyes widened, he had great anticipation. If it is capable of destroying this big tree using lightning with ease, then Xiao Bai is no longer considered a Primary realm low-rank demon beast.


The lightning striked on one of the tree’s branches that is roughly a thumb size big from its trunk.

That branch was shot down very easily.

It splits the two perfectly, the trunk and branch look fine.


The once filled with anticipation Xie Aoyu almost choked by his own saliva, he raised his thumb on Xiao Bai, using an incomparably sincere expression and said, “Great, extremely great!”

A thieving smile could be seen on Xiao Bai’s face.

In Xie Aoyu’s heart it feels funny, Xiao Bai indeed is a mutated demon beast, but the mutation granted seven different types of magic, as for its power, it seemingly cannot be put into words. No wonder this little brat comes here to eat and drink.

“Great, time to eat.” Xie Aoyu wholly-absorbed in grilling the fire rabbit.

Xiao Bai just learns Xie Aoyu’s movement by the side, mouth filled with saliva.

When the fire rabbit went “zi zi” with the falling oil, the fragrance made one human and one beast swallow their saliva, therefore once prepared they ate the fire rabbit clean of meat.

Xie Aoyu’s patted his own stomach, “Good, you are done eating, I am returning.”

“Yi YA.”

Xiao Bai held onto Xie Aoyu’s trouser, piteously looking at him.

That pitiful look let Xie Aoyu soft hearten, he laughed and shook his head, carried Xiao Bai and placed it on his shoulder, “Let’s go, next time I will let you follow me, there will be good food and drink.”

“Yiya, Yiya” Xiaobai stood on Xie Aoyu’s shoulder, revealing his discontentment, seemingly saying do I only know how to eat?

Xie Aoyu flicks his finger on Xiao Bai’s forehead.

Xiao Bai is about 10 cm tall, the whole body is white in color, curled together will make it look like a fur ball. Moreover, it looks incredibly cute.

He surprisingly could train Battle Qi after cultivating hard for ten and more days. Xie Aoyu could not wait to tell this piece of good news to his father who was in a stupor.

From the back mountain to the Xie family, on his way he bumped into both Xie Zhe and Xie Gang.

“Aiya, isn’t it the one and only Genius Xie? I miss you after not seeing your face for several days.” Xie Zhe said with a face full of smile and continued, “Isn’t this White Ling beast? Haha, Genius Xie is really worthy of your talent, only capable of finding White Ling beast kind of trash as a pet to play with.”

Xie Aoyu shot a glance at him, secretly thinking about his own sucess in cultivation, he does not need to deal with the torment of these two bastards. The just gotten Battle Qi, it is insufficient to contend with them.

Therefore as soon as he moves aside, he brushed past them.

“I say, Genius Xie, why are you leaving this fast? All of us are brothers, at least give us some face.” Xie Zhe said.

Xie Gang continue taunting, “Young master Zhe, why bother with him, only a garbage, let’s go, we still have to gamble.”

“You’re right, today this young master wants to gamble, even if I lose, I still can ‘borrow’ some money from our Genius Xie, HAHA” Xie Zhe laughed loudly.

“Right, great Genius Xie is our bank.” Xie Gang said in a loud fit of laughter.

Xie Aoyu is infuriated, he glimpsed at Xiao Bai’s angered glance, heart throbbed, and says with a low voice, “Light two fires on them, don’t let them notice, um, just place it at their buttocks.” (ED: I’d killl them :D)


Xiao Bai called out immediately, using its beast claw and waved it, four small fireballs appeared.

One mustn’t look down on the power of Xiao Bai’s magic power, though it has a special characteristic, which is it’s in its speed, almost instantly, four fireballs hit Xie Zhe and Xie Gang’s buttock.

This two won’t think that a sneak attack will happen, plus there strength and sense of awareness is low.

They were not on guard, thus their pants were lit.

“AIYA, FIRE, FIRE.” Xie Zhe shouted.

Both of them are screaming while trying to put the fire.

Xiao Bai’s magic is indeed weak, the fire was quickly put away, but both their pants have been burn until there were holes, revealing their naked butt.

“Damn it, WHO DID IT!’ Xie Zhe exclaimed loudly.

“WHICH BASTARD DID IT?” Xie Gang roared loudly while covering his butt.

Both of murderously glanced at Xie Aoyu but did not stay on him. Magic is a demon beast’s specialty, but White Ling beast is incapable of it, therefore they won’t even think that it is Xiao Bai’s magic.

You two deserve it!

Xie Aoyu laughed in his heart, returning with Xiao Bai to the Xie family.

Entering the room, he made all of the servant serving Xie Qian to get out. Xie Aoyu kneeled by Xie Qian’s bed, grabbing onto Xie Qian’s palm, with a trembling voice he said, “Father, I, have Battle Qi. Father, can you hear me? I already have Dou Qi, I can cultivate Battle Qi!”

Xie Qian still laid there as tranquil as before.

“Father I already obtained Battle Qi, I will definitely work two times harder, I will win the champion of Continental youth Competition, using the Water of the saint soul you will wake you up.” Xie Aoyu said in a forceful way.

Seeing this, Xiao Bai face reveal helplessness.

As if it is trying to understand what is happening.

This emotion flashes past for a moment, it did not let Xie Aoyu see it.

After talking to the stupor-ed Xie Qian, Xie Aoyu stood up, walk towards the left side of the bedroom, placing his hand on the wall and brought down 3 bricks, from where he took out a scroll reel.

This is a battle technique Dragon Overlord fist which Xie Qian obtained for Xie Aoyu ten years ago.

Back in the years, for this Dou technique, Xie Qian is to have said to have risked his life and brought it back, to only placed it there. Originally it was meant for Xie Aoyu to cultivate, but who knew that Xie Aoyu couldn’t cultivate Battle Qi, instead he placed the scroll reel sealed in the walls for ten years collecting dust.

Having Battle Qi means he could cultivate the Dragon Overlord fist!

Battle techniques also have different elemental types, for example, if a fire type battle technique was used by someone belonging to the fire element cultivated it, it would release an astonishing might, but if it is given to a person belonging to the water element to cultivate, she/he would not cultivate it successfully or have very very low power.

Dragon Overlord fist belongs to the earth element.

However, Xie Qian belongs to the lightning element, so he has never cultivated it, but Xie Aoyu since birth can cultivate earth, lightning and wood elements.

Therefore this Dragon Overlord fist is what Xie Qian prepared for Xie Aoyu.

Xie Aoyu placed the brick back to its original position, just where he earnestly looked.

Through one glance, he got charmed deeply by the Dragon Overlord fist, especially the mightiness of Dragon Overlord fist. To put it simply, if one were to reach emperor realm, with a punch, it will have a strength of a genuine dragon’s strength, extremely extraordinary.

“What are you looking at, you look so serious.”

Just as he was enthralled, a charming voice sounded from behind his ear, simultaneously, a delicate fragrance gladdening to one heart appear from behind. Xie Aoyu looked up to only almost losing himself.

The voice came from a mature enchanting female, extremely charming face, a definite gorgeous. Even without cosmetics, it attracted everyone.

That is a charming face, both pupils and the corner of her eyes seems to be uplifted as if there is an implication of love in the eyes. When others look, they will think she’s trying to wink.

“Master Zi Yan.” Xie Aoyu already has seen this female countless times, every time he sees her he will lose himself, it’s because she is seriously too charming, Xie Aoyu wonders if she can defeat a thousand soldier with only her beauty.

And she is the continental-wide famous alchemist master Zi Yan!

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