BE Chapter 6: Dragon Overlord fist

BE Chapter 6: Dragon Overlord fist

Zi Yan is only 30 years old, but her skin still glitters and look translucent, a pure white skin. It looks like she’s just 25, and she is an alchemist, when it comes to maintenance of one’s skin, she would have her own unique set of medicine, therefore one wouldn’t have guessed she is even 30.

“Kid what are you looking at, show it to me.” Zi Yan place her hand onto the scroll reel on Xie Aoyu’s hand.

Who knew if it was Zi Yan speed was fast or because of Xie Aoyu’s absent mindedness, Xie Aoyu did not even respond in time before Zi Yan took the scroll reel away.

“It’s a Dou technique.” Xie Aoyu knows that he could not concealed it, thus telling the truth.

“Dragon Overlord fist?” Zi Yan said softly. That charming face shows some light of shock, “This is the Dragon Overlord fist in fable, it unexpectedly is here with you.”

Xie Aoyu listened to the meaning behind Zi Yan’s word, seeming she knows of Dragon Overlord fist, thus he asked, “Master, you know of Dragon Overlord fist’s history?”

“I heard it once.” Zi Yan give the scroll reel back to Xie Aoyu, and continued, “oh, right, I will warn you again, not to call me MASTER, call me sister. Really, you aren’t afraid of calling me old but I sure am.”

“Then master, uh, sister tell me about the history of Dragon Overlord fist. I’ve seen many books, they all mentioned about Dragon Overlord fist, but not its history.” Xie Aoyu saw Zi Yan’s murderous intention, thus changing his statement.

Zi Yan sighed, patting on Xie Aoyu’s head, said in somewhat down tone, “Ai, I’m old already, cannot compare to you youngsters.”

“Sister you’re so attractive, others will only guess you are in your teens.” Xie Aoyu flatters.

Zi Yan stretched her hand and place her finger on Xie Aoyu’s nose, “You have a sweet mouth.” She gathered her hair with her hand, “This Dragon Overlord fist, is extremely prestigious, because a thousand years ago, the number one expert under heaven, Tyrant king, Ye Chao Feng created this undefeated Dou technique.”


Xie Aoyu took a breath of cold air.

He saw many books mentioning of Dragon Overlord fist, especially how esteem it is, however it has never mentioned about its history, initially it was thought only to be shocking, but who knew it was this terrifying.

Ye Chao Feng, number one expert of a thousand years ago.

This person who people commonly talked about isn’t about him being a number one expert, being able to cleanly challenge everyone without losing, sweeping every opponent, but it is his contribution towards Dou technique.

Ye Chao Feng belongs to a Dou technique craze.

It’s because the current continent’s Dou technique have roughly 50% of it being related to either his creation or it itself is his creation.

Legend says he love experimenting with Dou technique, creating Dou technique, if there isn’t 10000 Dou technique created by him, there would at least be 8000. This include half of them being peak Dou technique, and countless other people made new Dou technique from his original work.

“Dragon Overlord fist is Ye Chao Feng’s late work for Dou technique, you should know what it means, Ye Chao Feng late years of work, it is his life work for Dou technique.” Zi Yan said in admiration in her tone, “Ten years ago, Dragon Overlord fist was found in Hengduan mountain, it immediately caused a stir, every attention from the continent was focused there, countless expert gathered. Rumor has it that a few Tian Wang expert also tried to steal it, but in the end they lose any trace of Dragon Overlord fist. No one knew who stole it away or was it destroyed.” Her eye swept pass Xie Aoyu’s scroll reel that was in his hand, “Who knew it was obtained by your father, thinking about it, your father has brought Xie family to fame. He used to cultivate a technique that steal things like a smooth thief, usually use with people collecting Dou technique, thinking about it, he might have use that technique to steal it.”

“How do you know about it?” Xie Aoyu asked in surprise.

That stealing technique is Xie Qian’s secret, even family leader Xie Qian don’t know, only Xie Aoyu, his son knows, to prevent any unwanted trouble.

Zi Yan showed a faint smile, she did not answer, instead she laughed, “Why do you think i will treat your father for three years without stopping?”

“Hehe, I think it’s because my father is too charming.” Xie Aoyu said with a cheeky smile.

“Charm your head.” Zi Yan knock on Xie Aoyu’s head for his ill-humor, “you are so young yet so cheeky. It’s because your father saved me. That year I was under someone’s sneak attack, in the critical moment, your father happen to be where I was. He initially saw that the one sneaking attack on me has a Advance level Dou technique, with thoughts of stealing it, therefore saving me at the same time.”

Xie Aoyu said, “Then it is definitely because Zi Yan sister is too pretty, that’s why people attacked you.” He shot a glance at Zi Yan’s bosom, like a mountain peak, a slender waist, a plentiful ass, and a tall and slender leg, “With your standard, any male won’t be able to resist, thus it’s normal.”

“What about you?” Zi Yan looks as if love was in the air, her beautiful pupil threw a coquettish look at him.

Just this action, it immediately lit a raging flame in Xie Aoyu, getting an intense reaction.

“Ah, this, this, sister I think it’s better to examine my father.” Xie Aoyu quickly shifted the topic.

Zi Yan look in between Xie Aoyu’s leg, chuckle and said, “ it seems like this kid has grown up.”

Those words made Xie Aoyu very awkward, it’s lucky he realise Zi Yan eyes seems clear, not meaning anything else. Relieved, at the same time disappointed.

Zi Yan examin Xie Qian’s body and said, “Though Dragon Overlord fist is a Dou technique, it is but Ye Chao Feng’s creation of a lifetime, to be able to understand isn’t a simple thing, you should not be eager for success, other than that, do not tell anyone, otherwise even your Xie family will be destroyed.”

“Um, I know.” Xie Aoyu replied.

After the inspection, Zi Yan said with a smile, “Your father’s body does not have any change, I will leave some medicine behind, follow the instruction, everyday wipe it around his dantian to ensure that his Dou Qi will not dissipate.”

“Many thanks sister.” Xie Aoyu receives the medicine.

Actually Xie Qian’s body does not have anything weird, just a coma, moreover his Dou Qi have signs of dissipation. These years, Zi Yan always use medicine to help the Dou Qi, preventing it from dissipating, at the same time studying methods for treatment.

“Haha, why are you so polite with sister, to say sister is only repaying a debt with gratitude.” Zi Yan rub Xie Aoyu’s head with a smile, turn around and she left.

Sending Zi Yan off, Xie Aoyu once again study the Dragon Overlord fist, this time, he is more careful, he went close door to prevent anyone from disturbing.

Xie Aoyu has never cultivate any Dou technique before, yet he has lots of knowledge towards Dou technique, with a close examination, he realise Dragon Overlord fist looks similar to a Dou technique but actually has several mixed together. To be exact may be ten or more strong Dou technique fused together. If one wants to practice, it would serve to be very difficult.

Moreover, the premise of cultivating Dragon Overlord fist is that one has to be in Advance realm low rank.

This, for Xie Aoyu who just obtained Dou Qi, is still quite a distant. Dou Qi is represented in Primary realm, Middle realm, Advance realm, Ling realm, Teng realm, Yun realm, Tui Fan realm, Da Di realm, Cai Hong realm, Zhi Sheng realm, Tian wang realm, every realm is divided into low, middle, upper rank.

Xie Aoyu still have yet to cultivate to Primary realm low rank.

Looking at Dragon Overlord fist, initially he wanted to rest, but Xie Aoyu is once again fully charged, he raised his body and walked out, “Xiao Bai, let’s go cultivate!”

As he leaves his room, in a small corner, a person’s shadow lingers, Zi Yan appeared.

She looks at Xie Aoyu, muttered, “This kid actually managed to cultivate Dou Qi, almost got concealed by him. Weird, with his constitution, even i can’t settle, who helped him?” She shook her head, “Forget it, it’s better to prepare the duel with You Lan Ruo.”

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