BE Chapter 7: One year of tough training

BE Chapter 7: One year of tough training

TN: From now on Xie Gan’s name will be changed to Xie Qian, sorry for such a mistake, i have edited everything accordingly. Xie Gan was the name for Xie Aoyu’s father. the word 乾 has two pronunciation to it. it is a mistake on my end, sorry.

After knowing the origin of Dragon Overlord fist from Zi Yan, he could not imagine for this, how much effort Xie Qian had put in, it’s to be said he risk his life for it.

Such a kinship has allow Xie Aoyu to be more excited to cultivate wildly.

It is as if he does not understand what it means to be exhausted.

There is only a single thought lingering around his mind, that is to cultivate.

No matter if it is for his father, or for himself, he could not give up. Even if it is difficult, he must persist, and never give up. He will defeat any obstacles he meet.

In a flash, one year has pass since he tough training.

Within this year, Xie Aoyu put his days into practice, Zi Yan and Bing Wu came, but he will never say he is training.

Bing Wu wholeheartedly wants to be the second Butterfly Queen, You Lan Ruo, thus her primary aim is to train hard.

Therefore the two of them were no longer like before, not meeting as often.

This day, the hot sun is shining right overhead.

Under the turbulent current, Xie Aoyu stood proudly, no matter how strong the turbulent current is, his body stood rooted to the ground, stretching out his hand, making an action of pushing.

As if he trying to block the current.

But at this time, the Dou Qi within Xie Aoyu’s body is concentrating from all four limbs and all his bones, slowly gathering around his dantian, and it is flowing along a fixed line, one after another the circulation with his body gradually storing up that strong energy.

Following that vigorous Dou Qi, one can see that the turbulent current is being separated and not falling onto his body, but it diverges around his body, flowing on his left and right. Within 0.5 meter of his surrounding, there is nothing.

Deep within, Xie Aoyu is gathering Dou Qi.

These Dou Qi are returning back to where the dantian is. The Dou Qi is currently revolving around his dantian, as it revolves it get stronger and stronger, and on the outside the turbulent current is as his dantian gathering Dou Qi like, swirling into a vortex, which is gradually becoming bigger and bigger, deeper and deeper.

This is exactly Xie Aoyu tackling the Advance realm low rank.

One year of tough training, he have relied this arduous training, as well as his incomparable talent, from producing Dou Qi all the way to the current Middle realm upper rank.

If this is known by anyone from the Xie’s, afraid they will shock to the extreme.

Xie family is Langya city only family with influence, almost 30% of Langya city’s expert come from Xie family, and Xie family’s cultivation method are all Xie Qian’s creation.

Which is one year, one can cultivate to Middle realm low rank.

And the second record is one year time to reach Primary realm Middle rank. Majority usually take one or two year to breakthrough a realm, yet Xie Aoyu only took a years time, breakthrough to Advance realm low rank, much faster compared to what Xie Qian has recorded.

As Xie Aoyu tackles Advance realm low rank, his Dou Qi starts to revolve crazily, forming a giant vortex. Finally this vortex reached the bottom of the waterfall.

One can almost see that the vortex has reach river bank.

There is sound of thunder within Xie Aoyu’s body. His Dou qi fluctuates as the quantity increases, achieving double of what he originally had.


As he made a breakthrough to Advance realm low rank, the vortex made an explosive sound, shooting all the water up the sky, forming a mid air water column with Xie Aoyu in the middle.

Xiao Ba appeared like a drenched chicken ashore after the water fell from mid air.

“Yiya Yiya,” Xiao Bai shouted while making threatening gestures with his claw.

His snow white fur has been made wet, making him look extremely funny.

Xie Aoyu laughed as he walks out from the puddle of water, with a smile he pick up the scroll reel, “I’ve finally reach Advance realm low rank, I can finally practice Dragon Overlord fist.”

During this one year period, other than cultivate, Xie Aoyu studies the Dragon Overlord fist, even when he is eating. He is clear that Dragon Overlord fist is very mysterious, therefore he started studying before he even cultivate it.

Through his research, Xie Aoyu discovered that even though Dragon Overlord fist seem like a Dou technique, it actually fused the tyranny of a lightning, an explosiveness of fire, and the malleability of water, thickness of earth, speed of wind. One could say that this is a fusion of five different element and a peak Dou technique.

Compared to saying this is one Dou technique, it’s better to say that it is a combination of ten Dou technique of five different element.

However in practical use, one must have the suitable Dou Qi, the lowest among realms in order to practice this move is Advance realm low rank, any lower, one will have insufficient Dou Qi, and thus causing harm to himself instead.

He looked at Dragon Overlord fist again.

Xie Aoyu kept the scroll reel, take a step back. He practice the posture which follows according to what the Dragon Overlord fist depicts.

Dou Qi rushed to both his arms as both his arm interlocks. He brandishes his arm and body at the same time as the scroll described.

Once this Dragon Overlord fist is displayed, it was like a king of a tyrant dragon. with a vigorous blows, and unmatched power, it gave out an oppressive feeling.

As he dances, the stones ashore were crushed and flew about with his movements. They “whizzed” as they rose and fell, and made “bang” sounds whenever it hit a tree.

Xie Aoyu occasionally jumped, sometimes he twisted his arms. He rose and fell as if fluttering in the wind. His body is indistinctive as if he could knock down a hill like a tyrant dragon.

Fist after fist was sent out, explosion could be heard.

Finally, Xie Aoyu felt that he could use Dragon Overlord fist with ease, he roared like a tiger, shooting a fist down from the sky.


His fist slammed down and the earth emitted a loud cry.

With his fist as the focal point, a crater could be seen.


Xie Aoyu’s Dragon Overlord fist training at the back mountain created a stir, attracted demon beast from deep within the mountain. Although it was a Manli bull beast, it is a Advance realm low rank beast.

This Manli bull beast not only born with supernatural strength, it also has earth type magic.

Belonging to the powerhouse of Advance realm low rank.

Initially it was sleeping, until it was awoken by the fist that Xie Aoyu made. Unable to contain its anger, it rush out from the forest.

Xie Aoyu just broke through, moreover he is able to cultivate Dragon Overlord fist, thus unable to contain his excitement. He raised his hand at the Manli bull beast and taunted it with his finger.


Being looked down on, the Manli bull beast roared again and again, before wielding his forehoof on the ground.

The immensely strong bull made a crack by pounding the ground, seemingly trying to split the mountain into two.

Xie Aoyu smirked and shrugged, looking as if he is bored.

It infuriated the Manli bull beast even more.

The bull was a brutal demon beast, it is extremely fierce and cruel. Looking at Xie Aoyu’s countenance had infuriated it even more. It’s eyes grew red, even the black fur on his body stood up, looking fiercer than ever.


The violent Manli bull beast used its strength to smash the ground below.

This time it wasn’t a simple physical attack, but it used earth magic.

Countless thorns start erupted from the ground. They were all aimed to pierce Xie Aoyu, to either severely injure or even kill him.


Xie Aoyu lifted his foot and stomped the ground.

An incredible amount of energy spreaded out from under his foot.


All the earth spike broke apart, none remained.

The smirking Xie Aoyu looked over to the Manli bull beast, raising his hand and waved his finger. His intention were extremely clear, that is you aren’t good enough.


Manli bull beast got even crazier.

The immensely strong Manli bull beast’s strength was still close combat, its attack would render countless beast and expert dead. Its hooves could crush boulders over 10 meters in size with ease.

Xie Aoyu turned cold as a golden light appeared on his hand.


The radiant golden light is dazzling.

Xie Aoyu stood proudly, entirely still. Looking at the Manli bull beast, the immensely strong demon beast tumble back from the impact by 8 meters.

This is Overlord Emperor art.

Xie Aoyu took small steps, within 5 steps he stood in front of the Manli bull beast.

The Manli bull beast who just got up simply lowered his head to hit, using all of its strength to kill this human who dared to provoke him.


Xie Aoyu wielded his fist and punched.

Wailing, the Manli bull beast cried out in pain as it fell onto the ground. It, the manli bull beast, is dead.

“Yiya Yiya.” Xiao Bai jumped excitedly, turn around and ran, quickly picked up some firewood, placing them by the dead body of the Manli bull beast.

Xie Aoyu rolled his eyes, he thought Xiao Bai was excited because of his victory but instead it was happy that it could eat the Manli bull beast.

They ate till they were completely full, both of them burped in satisfaction. When they return home, they saw a beautiful Bing Wu standing by the door waiting for them.

“What have you two been up to?” Bing Wu asked.

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