BE Chapter 8: Lightning Spirit Saint Sword

BE Chapter 8: Lightning Spirit Holy Sword

Within a year time, two of them rarely meet due to cultivation, however the impact the cute-slaying Xiao Bai had on Bing Wu was significant.

Having not seen Bing Wu, Xiao Yu realise Bing Wu has gotten more pretty. She originally had a long beautiful hair which was cut into a neat bob. Her forehead looks to be more dashing, appearing much more heroic, wearing a battle suit instead of a female clothing, making her steamed bun looks more developed and exquisite.

The light delicate fragrance she had let Xie Aoyu intoxicated.

“We ate a bull together.” Xie Aoyu said

Bing Wu laguehd, “You, only know how to boast. Do you think you can stomach a cow?”

“I cannot, but it can.” Xie Aoyu point towards a 10 centimeter tall Xiao Bai.

“Yiya Yiya!”

Xiao Bai proudly patted on its stomach.

Its action made Bing Wu laughed, stretching her hand she held Xiao Bai into her bosom, “Just with the small size you also can stomach a bull? I doubt you can even finish a bull’s ear.”

Xie Aoyu turn depressed, he wanted to say he guarantee it that Xiao Bai’s appetite could be compared to a dragon, even the 2 meter sized Manli bull beast, he only manage to eat a little, the rest was eaten by Xiao Bai cleanly, moreover its stomach did not bloat, making Xie Aoyu perplexed.

“Yiya, Yiya.” Xiao Bai saw Bing Wu not believing, immediately changed its way of saying. It now act as if Xie Aoyu did not even gave him any food to eat, causing it to be hungry.

This almost made Xie Aoyu went crazy.

“Alright, the east side just opened a great restaurant, let’s head there to eat!” Bing Wu said with a smile.

Glaring  at the gluttonous Xiao Bai, Xie Aoyu said, “Bing Wu, why are you so free today? I remember this entire year you came less than ten times, every time you only take ten minute before leaving.”

“It is because I want to celebrate.” Bing Wu said laughingly, “ Aoyu, you must know that with this year I broke through to Middle realm upper rank from Primary realm low rank. A total of three rank, breaking the record uncle once set.” [TN: I think author messed up, i think he meant from Primary realm upper rank to Middle realm upper rank]

“Incredible!” Xie Aoyu mutter, praising on how Butterfly queen is extraordinary.

Bing Wu herself took 5-6 years to breakthrough from Primary realm low rank to Primary realm upper rank. However it took her one year to reach Middle realm upper rank, one must know that as one progresses, the speed of breaking through will slow down gradually.

This itself has stated how powerful Butterfly Queen You Lan Ruo is.

“Hehe, master said that my natrual talent isn’t any less than hers, obtaining the championship isn’t totally impossible.” Bing Wu said excitedly, “Futhermore, I must tell you that last night, I fought with a Advance realm low rank Manli fought, Do you know between me and the Manli bull beast we fought for an entire 6 hours before losing, great aren’t i? Even master said I’m a genius.”

Manli bull beast?

Xie Aoyu and Xiao Bai looked over, they both just ate one.

Xie Aoyu easily killed one.

“Genius, Genius.” Xie Aoyu could not say that he had easily killed the Manli bull beast, this will definitely give Bing Wu a blow. Moreover the fact that he can cultivate Dou Qi still remains a secret.

“Master still says that if she has taught me since 7, i would have at least been Teng realm minimally. She decided to put all her focus on teach me, definitely fostering me to become the second Butterfly Queen. [TN: Advance realm > Ling realm > Teng realm]

Xie Aoyu teased, “So does this mean I get to be the Butterfly Emperor?”

“Butterfly emperor? Butterfly emperor, stinky Aoyu, making fun of me, see how I set you straight.” Bing Wu suddenly realise what he meant, an Emperor and his queen is a pair. Her heart started jumping, the elegant face reddened. Fearing Xie Aoyu would see her, she started moving about making threatening gestures.

“Miss, you do not need to take any action, just let me kill him.” A cold voice sounded from behind.

Both of them looked up, discovering that they had walked a relatively secluded walkway. The entire walkway doesn’t have pedestrian, in front stands a seventeen/eighteen young man, wielding a shiny long sword on his hand, both his eye looks blood strained, staring coldly at Xie Aoyu.

This person looks a little familiar, Xie Aoyu asked, “Who are you?”

“Te Luo Si!” The young man replied.

Xie Aoyu and Bing Wu both shocked.

“You are one of the evil remnants from the Ao Te Si family.” Said Xie Aoyu with an imposing manner.

“Evil remnant?” Te Luo Si’s face twitched, he gloomily stared at Xie Aoyu, said in a fierce way, “My Ao Te Si family originally belong to one of the Langya city three big families, is your father, that death deserving bastard, who destroyed our family. If i did not escape fast enough, I would have died. However, now, HAHA, that death deserving old bastard dad of yours is already in coma for 3 years. I not will avenge my family by KILLING YOU!”

Xie Aoyu sneered, “Really laughable, if your Ao Te Si family did not try to exterminate the Xie family in one fell swoop, thinking my father went out of town, why would my father destroy your family? Your family invited their own destoruction, don’t blame it on others.”

“Don’t blame it on others, well said, well said!” Te Luo Si’s long sword shimmers, “then you, Xie Aoyu, this trash, who cannot cultivate Dou Qi, dies on my hand, then don’t blame it on others.” He laughed coldly, “Before your death, I’ve have to tell you, this time my return motive is not just to kill you, but the young generation of Xie family. I already killed three, you shall be the fourth, you shall pay for what Xie family have done. HAHA.”

“Xie Aoyu quickly escape, I’ll block him.” Bing Wu bravely took a step forward.

Initially, Xie Aoyu wanted to make his move, this change made him stare blankly. He then realised that the matter of him cultivating Dou Qi is still a secret to Bing Wu.

Not wasting any opportunity, Te Luo Si laughed while brandishing his sword followed by a cut.

The sword was being swung.

A cold wind howls where the sword cuts. Despite the sun burning overhead, people could now feel that it is incomparably cold, as if one fell into the nine nether world.

Bing Wu scoffed and gracefully took out a dagger to block the incoming attack.


That dagger was broken by the sword.

“Careful!” Xie Aoyu saw it clearly, holding Bing Wu he was able to help her avoid getting hit by the blow. This caused her to stagger and falling into Xie Aoyu’s embrace, avoiding the fatal attack. [TN: not sure if he meant chest/bosom but it says embrace]

However as the sword brush by, one could see half a meter cut on the ground.

Xie Aoyu stared onto the sword Te Luo Si was holding and said, “this is Ao Te Si family’s Ling weapon, Lightning Spirit Saint Sword.

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