BE Chapter 10: Calm

BE Chapter 10: Calm

These words shook Xie Aoyu.

“Who is it?” Xie Aoyu said in a deep voice while bending down.

His voice was like thunder, making buzzing sound beside Xie Gang’s ear. One must know that Xie Gang and Xie Zhe belongs to garbage type of person, both of them have very limited talent, they are still at Primary realm low rank, not even close when comparing with Xie Aoyu.

“It’s, it’s fourth elder, Old Xie Kun.” Xie Gang replied.

“XIE KUN?!” Xie Aoyu eyes widened. “How do you know?”
Xie Kun is Xie Zhe’s father, he also is the fourth elder of Xie family, one of two alchemist in Xie family. The other alchemist is the same generation as Xie Aoyu, just started to learn it’s fundamental, thus can’t be counted as an alchemist yet. Therefore one could say that Xie Kun is Xie family only alchemist.

The position of alchemist isn’t a simple one.

The occupation of a alchemist is a unique and it is counted as a noble occupation. In the Qi Ao continent, it is the most popular occupation, although Xie Kun’s strength doesn’t amount to much, he is Xie Family only alchemist, thus his status is quite high.

“It’s it’s Xie Zhe who said it when he was drunk.” Xie Gang answered.

“Did he say the reasons behind Xie Kun’s poisoning?” Xie Aoyu heart filled with anger, he believe that Xie Gang did not lie.

All along Xie Zhe treat him unfriendly, but Xie Kun is still a respectable elder. With their names one could guess. The name of Xie Aoyu’s father is Xie Qian, Xie Zhe’s father is named Xie Kun, both their name after Xie together, meant the universe, they were the pillars of hope for Xie family.
TN: Qian Kun means the universe, in this case they meant to be the hope of Xie family.

There was no way he would have thought that it was Xie Kun who did it.

At the same time, the question he thought was unsolvable, was given an answer to, which is in the past three years, no one could find any trace of the assailant. Who would have thought that the terrible fiend is one of his own member. What are one’s own tendencies, that would be something only Xie Kun would know. After Xie Kun acted, he has never done it again.

“I, I don’t know, Xie Zhe did not tell me at that point of time.” Xie Gang said trembling.

Xie Aoyu said, “I will asked Xie Zhe about this matter.” he changes the topic, “You and Xie Zhe corporated with Te Luo Si and killed several brother in Xie family you have grievance with?”

Xie Gang shockingly looked at Xie Aoyu’s eye, “yes, but all of this are Xie Zhe’s doing, I AHHHH!”

Since he acknowledged it, Xie Aoyu’s blade fell, driving it into Xie Gang’s neck.

“AHHHHHH… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” Xie Gang tried to seal the wounded neck, trying to ask but no words could come out of his mouth.

Xie Aoyu then coldly said, “I only hold my promise with human, not a garbage like you, even your own family member also killed, you don’t have the qualification to hold a promise with me.”

Removing Xie Gang, Xie Aoyu isn’t happy but instead he felt resentful.

He thought of revenging.

However when he thought of Xie Kun, he was gradually put out the fire within his heart. Honestly speaking, Xie Kun’s battle power is very ordinary, already in his middle age, yet still in Advance realm, belonging to trash with his son Xie Zhe. however Xie kun is an alchemist, not even accounting his prestige, just being alchemist alone, already make one dread.

An alchemist, does not only know how to save people, compound medicine, one also learns the way of poison. Xie Aoyu knows Xie Kun could compound poison.

If he were to look for trouble with Xie Kun, it means he must face with his poison.

If he were to look for Xie family’s leader Xie Lian, Xie Aoyu would have to give up. Because Xie Lian and Xie Qian were related by the same father different mother, while their relationship turn out better than expected, however as the family leader, he would focus Xie family as a whole.

As the only alchemist, would Xie Lian agree to kill him?

Moreover Xie Qian is not dead, just in a coma.

Therefore if he wants to have revenge for his father, he could only do it himself.

Xie Aoyu thought of alchemist master Zi Yan, as a master level alchemist, Zi Yan’s strength is incomparable with Xie kun, if he could get some directions from Zi Yan, there would be some hope.

Think of this, Xie Aoyu immediately went to towards Zi Yan’s residence.

“Aoyu, why are you only here now, I have already waited for you for quite a while.” as he walks out of that remote place, he saw Bing Wu looking around.

Seeing Bing Wu’s eager expression, Xie Aoyu’s ruthlessness slowly dissipated away, making him calm down from his anger.

It was then he realise he still has many issues that remained unresolved.

Cannot just act anxiously.

Need to calm down!

I have to calm down, definitely not move rashly, Xie Aoyu warned himself unceasingly in his heart. If he were to risk it, there were possibilities of being unable to kill his enemy, and instead drag himself down.

After being taunted and ridiculed for ten years, he has already have an incomparable maturity, encountering any difficulties will set himself cool and not act on impulse easily.

“I saw an acquaintance.” Xie Aoyu smiled, “let’s go, we shall go have a meal, it’s on me.”

“I’m not gonna eat, seeing how Le Tuo Si died, i am already disgusted. Not eating already, let’s go play. This year, other than cultivation, it’s cultivation, too boring.” Bing Wu proposed.

“Alright, whatever you say.” Xie Aoyu only thought of how he can let himself calm down, and no let the matter of revenge get all over his head.

As a result, both of them went to Langya city’s sceneries to play.

Bing Wu’s optimism, self-confidence, laughter made Xie Aoyu reason for revenge gradually dissipate, he slowly thought of some matters, first was Xie Qian being poisoned.

Even master Zi Yan took long years of research and still reach no result, how did Xie Kun got it from?

If someone else gave the poison to him, doesn’t that mean that he also have an accomplice?

If he were to develop it, it definitely is obtained from an Advance rank poison, would he still have some remaining ones?

In just a while, many questions emerges from his mind.

After parting with Bing Wu, Xie Aoyu reorganized his thoughts, and hurry to Zi Yan’s residence, hoping he could get some answer from Zi Yan.

Zi Yan’s residence is located in the middle of the city, in a pavilion.

When he arrive, Zi Yan was researching on alchemist technique.

“Kid, what interest spark you to look for me?” Zi Yan looked at Xie Aoyu, a little surprised, “Your father should be fine right.”

“Father is alright, I’m looking for Zi Yan sister for some matters.”

Zi Yan smiled charmingly, “You looking for me? You sure you don’t have any sinister idea in mind?”

Looking at the charming smile on her face, Xie Aoyu for the first time did not lose his cool, instead his calm is somewhat scary. He asked in a light way, “Zi Yan sister, do you think I can become an alchemist?”

“You want to become an alchemist?” Zi Yan startled, “Why did you suddenly have such a thought? Is it because you want to be together with me?”

“Yeah, that’s about it.” Xie Aoyu laughed palely.

Zi Yan place down things that were on her hand and said, “becoming an alchemist, one has to have two different element, one being fire element, second being wood element, you should know this. Although you have wood element in you, you do not have fire element, thus you are unable to become an alchemist.”

“Is there no other method?” Xie Aoyu asked.

“Zi Yan hesitated before saying, “Methods i do have.”

Initially Xie Aoyu did not held much anticipation suddenly became happy, “What method?”

“Becoming an alchemist is impossible, but you have wood element, therefore you can still cultivate the Medicinal Spirit Finger.” Zi Yan said

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