BE Chapter 11: Medicinal Spirit Finger

BE Chapter 11: Medicinal Spirit Finger

“Medicinal Spirit Finger? You mean the one in legend where one finger can cure thousands of poison?” Xie Aoyu asked in surprised.

Zi Yan smiled, “I didn’t know you are this well-read, even know of the Medicinal Spirit Finger.”

“I saw it once in a book, Medicinal Spirit Finger is during three thousand years ago, invented by a medical saint Yun Dangtian. He was defeated by the poison saint, after studying painstakingly for over ten plus years, he finally created the Medicinal Spirit Finger, when compared to poison saint, he used a finger to remove all poison from the poison saint.” Xie Aoyu said.

“What you said is absolutely right.” Zi Yan nodded while saying.

Seeing Zi Yan affirming his answer, Xie Aoyu seems to start doubting.

One must know that Medicinal Spirit Finger is a pinnacle technique of medical saint, according to legends, only needs finger to touch it, it can dispel any poison, simply miraculous.

However if this Medicinal Spirit Finger do truly exist, how do one practice, how many people would know of the technique.

Seeing the doubts on Xie Aoyu’s face, Zi Yan smiled, “I have the Medicinal Spirit Finger technique, but, training the Medicinal Spirit Finger is extremely difficult, it can even be considered a torture. If you are unable to endure, not only you will be hurt, you will also cripple your finger. So..”

“I want to cultivate it!” Xie Aoyu said firmly.

“Are you sure? I have to warn you, other than the medical saint, till now, there’s no second person who have successfully cultivated it. Those who had once cultivated it already had their finger crippled.” Zi Yan strictly warned.

In the mind of Xie Aoyu, a thought flashed, thinking of how Xie Qian sacrificed himself for Xie Aoyu, narrowly escaping death just to steal Dragon Overlord fist technique. For Xie Aoyu, he walked the entire continent just to find reasons for why he could not cultivate Dou Qi, suffered a lot. Xie Aoyu tranquility said, “I want to cultivate it.”

Seeing how tranquil he is, Zi Yan felt an unflinching confidence from Xie Aoyu.

“Alright, since you want to learn it, I will personally teach you.” Zi Yan said.

“Many thanks Zi Yan sister.” Xie Aoyu said in great happiness. He could cultivate the Medicinal Spirit Finger means he could get his revenge, this made Xie Aoyu delighted, “Do you want this little brother to kiss Zi Yan sister as a thank you gift?”

Zi Yan stared, using her pocking on Xie Aoyu’s forehead, unhappily saying, “Little brat, you still want to take advantage of sister, Ai, you were just looking dull just now, thus i was good to you, and now you dare to tease sister.”

“Hehe, I am just being grateful to sister.” Xie Aoyu replied.

“If you can cultivate the Medicinal Spirit Finger, that would be the best thank you gift sister ever want.” Zi Yan said sternly, “brat, I will warn you again, Medicinal Spirit Finger is not as easy as you think.”

Xie Aoyu replied, “I will definitely succeed!”

Seeing how Xie Aoyu insisted, Zi Yan no longer said anything, immediately starts to prepare the necessity for cultivating Medicinal Spirit Finger.

One hour later, Zi Yan finished tidying up.

“Cultivating Medicinal Spirit Finger has two major stage, first stage is the fundamental stage, one need to be baptized by Divergent flame, what kind of pain this is, you should be able to imagine. Divergent flame is not like any normal flame. The second stage is the most difficult one, that is to collect various exotic plants and herbs. This single stage can be considered extremely difficult because who knows how many rare plants you would need to be able to complete your Medicinal Spirit Finger. As far as i know, there is a practitioner of Medicinal Spirit Finger in the mainland continent, who despite being fostered by three of the foremost families is still unable to collect sufficient rare plant thus unable to obtain mastery.” Zi Yan explained.

Xie Aoyu said, “Divergent flame? Sister can produce such a flame?”

“Of course. If i do not have a Divergent flame, then I would have to stop at low level alchemist.” Zi Yan smiled proudly, “my Divergent flame’s rank is very high, it is the Shadow Demon Spirit Flame.”

“SHADOW DEMON SPIRIT FLAME?!” Xie Aoyu spurted out loud.

“You know of this?” Zi Yan asked.

Nodding his head, Xie Aoyu said, “I once saw it in a book, it introduced different type of Divergent flame. Although Divergent flame do not have different ranks, there is still big differences in their strengths. It is said that the strongest of Divergent flames could burn down a mountain forest with a single spark. The Shadow Demon Spirit Flame can place place in top five among to Divergent flame, moreover the flame look like a demon dancing in the shadows.”

Zi Yan express admiration and said, “I finally believe that you are scholarly.”

Xie Aoyu forced a smile. He was well-read due the fact that he read all kind of books in order to try to remove his special constitution’s aliment. As a result, his knowledge of the natural world was extremely rich.

“Not having a Divergent flame means you cannot be a high level alchemist? Does that mean without a Divergent flame, one cannot compound high level medicine?” Xie Aoyu asked, seemingly concerning his issue that he has.

“Naturally, the higher rank medicine require higher Divergent flame so that it’s success rate can be a little higher. Like the medicine for your father’s poison would require, i’m afraid, a Divergent flame rank higher than my Shadow Demon Spirit Flame.” Zi Yan said.

Looks like the poison is given by others to Xie Kun.

Since someone gave it to him, it means the Xie Kun does not have any remainders, after all compounding the poison would require a terrifying Divergent flame, even the ingredient required would be high. Xie Aoyu could not believe that anyone would just give this poison to Xie Kun.

This increase Xie Aoyu’s confidence for revenging.

“Right, comparing the abilities of the four elders of Xie family, what level of Medicinal Spirit Finger would be able to fight them off?” Xie Aoyu threw another question he had.

Zi Yan definitely knew what Xie Aoyu was thinking, she smile lightly, “With your four elders, the are consider the fundamental stage, even without Divergent flame, even the medicinal technique they have are pitiful amount. As long as Medicinal Spirit Finger is cultivated to fundamental stage, you can defeat him.”

“How does one cultivate to Medicinal Spirit Finger’s fundamental stage?” Xie Aoyu asked.

“Medicinal Spirit Finger’s fundamental stage only have on threshold to cross, that is to make your finger turn pale golden color, that would be the fundamental stage. When you reach golden color, it means you are near perfect, if it return to its original skin color, that would means you have perfected it.” Zi Yan answered, “But as for the fundamental stage, it requires Divergent flame to temper your finger. For each level you would require a stronger and stronger flame. Also for the fundamental level, if you are unable to obtain it, you would cripple your finger. Don’t forget even if you managed to pass the first stage, you still need to collect various rare plants to absorb their essence.

Smiling, Xie Aoyu stretches out his left hand’s pinky.

He is a right handed person, no matter what he does, or fighting, it would always be using his right hand as a focus, his left hand won’t be notice. Moreover it is his pink, therefore no one will be able to notice it.

“Are you sure?” Zi Yan asked one final time.


Xie Aoyu replied with determination.

Seeing this situation, Zi Yan no longer speak. She reach out for the already grinded medicinal herbs, fusing it with three types of medicinal liquid, the wipe the compounded medicine on Xie Aoyu’s finger.

It gave a faint chilly feeling, to Xie Aoyu, it felt incomparably cool, he knows that in fact the divergent flame was only but a small factor, what really will allow him to enter the fundamental stage are these medicines. What was more fearful was that who knew how many top grade items he would need.

After wiping the ointment, Zi Yan said, “I am going to begin.”

Xie Aoyu clenches his teeth, slightly nodded.

Being burn by Divergent flame is very painful.

Zi Yan flicked her finger, a black color shadowy flame appeared on her finger, the flame dances up and down like a sensuous girl dancing about.

With the Shadow Demon Spirit Flame, the temperature of the surrounding rapidly rises.

Zi Yan slowly placed the Shadow Demon Spirit Flame under Xie Aoyu’s finger, “If you can resist it, I will raise the temperature gradually.”

During her speech, Zi Yan delivered the Shadow Demon Spirit Flame upwards.

The moment the Shadow Demon Spirit Flame touched Xie Aoyu’s finger, the ointment started sizzling. Quickly, the warm current spread up from his finger, through his arm, across his chest, finally settling on a spot in his brain.

“Does it hurt?” Zi Yan asked, “If you want to quit right now you still can.”

Xie Aoyu looked at Zi Yan weirdly and said, “I don’t feel anything.”

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