BE Chapter 9: Fury

BE Chapter 9: Fury


Te Luo Si raise the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword, the ice cold sword shimmered in purple glow, as if an overwhelming mighty purple dragon is on it.

“Your eyesight isn’t bad, this indeed is my Ao Te Si family’s treasure, Lightning Spirit Saint Sword!” Te Luo Si said proudly, “That year when Xie Gan killed my family members, he without a doubt wanted to obtain this Sheng weapon, what a pity, he missed his opportunity, and now you shall be killed under the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword!”

Weapon also has different ranks.

The ranks commonly known by people are common grade, fine-grade, Ji grade, Ya Sheng grade, Sheng grade, and the best, Tian wang grade.

Higher grade weapon has stronger power.

Among different type of weapon, sword is the mainly the one people use. Emperor grade sword are scarce, while there isn’t a lot of Sheng grade weapon, there is one in Langya city, which is this Lightning Spirit Saint Sword.

Lightning type!

Xie Aoyu narrowed his eye, shimmered with cold light.

He is of earth, lightning, wood element, and the sword right in front of him is a lightning element, also it is a Sheng grade. It is easy to guess what Xie Aoyu was thinking in his mind.

“Nice sword, I like it.” Xie Aoyu smiled.

What he said made Te Luo Si shook, Bing Wu wasn’t even his opponent, someone lower in rank than him, plus he has the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword, if Te Luo Si can kill Bing Wu easily, what can Xie Aoyu even do?

Unless he finally could cultivated Dou Qi?

No way, he could not have, he always been secretly observing, he definitely never cultivate any Dou Qi. It must be him trying to delay the time while think of a way to escape. Te Luo Si coldly laughs, “You liked it, but i’m afraif you won’t keep your life to like it.” He brandishes his sword to cut out once more.

A cut flew out, following which a purple glow flashed.

Sheng grade weapon has an advantage.

It does not require much Dou Qi to display an astonishing striking power.

“I will deal with him.” Xie Aoyu push Bing Wu aside gently.

Bing wu who was thinking of attacking again felt an overwhelming power, her body was like a piece of cotton as she was push back 5-6 meters.

On the other hand Xie Aoyu lightly stepped to the left to dodge.

That attack could be dodge this easily.


Bing Wu’s maiden heart beated frantically. A thought excited her mind. She pupil stubbornly stared on to Xie Aoyu

Te Luo Si also discovered a problem, he violently step on the ground, explosively shot out, rushing towards Xie Aoyu with the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword cutting down fiercely.

“BE CAREFUL!” Bing Wu who was somewhat worried called out in alarm.

Seeing the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword being swung, as well as the cold air, Xie Aoyu could not help but voicing out his desire, “This sword, i definitely want it.”

Xie Aoyu is very clear, this is murder, and not a spar. The best way to strike with killing intention, thus he secretly prepared the Dragon Overlord fist, looking for an opportunity to strike.

Facing the fierce Te Luo Si, his body flashed.

Like a ghost he weaved about through Te Luo Si’s attack.

If one was to say Te Luo si’s attack is like the raging ocean, raising storm everywhere, then Xie Aoyu would be the small boat in the storm, moving along the wind, and will not be submerged by the storm.

Swish Swish Swish

Te Luo Si sends out over ten strikes

Purple sword flashed, forming the sword’s afterimage everywhere. He has confirmed that Xie Aoyu could cultivate Dou Qi, moreover his strength isn’t low at all, it is much stronger.

That sword was swung in a never-ending assault.

Xie Aoyu only dodges, while at the same time observing the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword, regardless of its strength or its design were both very pleasing. The only that displeases him was that he was not the user of the sword.

“Lightning Strike!”

Seeing things not going well, Te Luo Si felt somewhat worried. This is Langya city, it has been dominated by Xie family years ago, thus staying long would definitely cause him to be discovered by others.

So he used a killing move.

Just then, the moment he used his killing move, Xie Aoyu attacked first with his fist, not giving any opportunity to him. The peerless and overbearing attack from the Dragon Overlord fist was sent.


A fist was sent, followed by a giant fist shadow.

That shadow seems to have a silhouette of a fierce and a tyrant dragon as its body. It seemed like the fist was a dragon egg containing the dragon.

Trying to used his killing move, Te Luo Si failed to Xie Aoyu as Xie Aoyu sends the fist out.

A move to kill.

That terrifying fist landed on Te Luo Si’s chest.


This fist actually pierced through Te Luo Si’s chest, making a huge hole appeared. All his internal organ and blood starts to fall out of his body. Te Luo Si stared, eye wide open at Xie Aoyu, unable to believe what just happened as he slowly fell.

The Lightning Spirit Saint Sword also fell along with Te Luo Si.

Xie Aoyu walk forward and picked up the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword, “What a good sword!”

He used his finger to flicker the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword, immediately one could hear “dang dang” sounds, as the sword quivered, a somewhat cold wind seems blow.

“Aoyu, you, you” even Bing Wu was completely stunned.

Xie Aoyu then stored the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword, as he took on a cool appearance, “I’m an expert.”


The shocked Bing Wu could not resist as she laughed. She throw herself into Xie Aoyu’s bosom, excitedly said, “You can cultivate Dou Qi, that’s great, that’s great!”

Her delicate body had long been developed, hugging Xie Aoyu jumping up and down made her chest rub Xie Aoyu’s chest, which in turn gave Xie Aoyu a very intense male reaction.


Bing Wu felt her uncomfort from her lower abdomen. Lowering her head, an embarrassed scream could be heard.

“hehe , I’m also a man.” Xie Aoyu laughed dryly.

“Letcher.” Bing Wu said as her hand slapped it. She the turned around and ran.

“What are you going to do if it broke.” Xie Aoyu said while covering his crotch.

The embarrassed Bing Wu ran even faster.

Xie Aoyu looked at the corpse of Te Luo Si, mumbled, “Such a stench, but i’m still aroused by that little girl Bing Wu. Man sure is man.”

He took the space ring off Te Luo Si’s finger.

The binding force on the ring has been removed, thus he examined the items inside. Inside includes a few Dou technique, it was a pity that Xie Aoyu did not take a liking to them.

He tidied up the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword, wanting to leave, but felt a person’s shadow, as if someone probably ran away.

Xie Aoyu heart shook, he could cultivate Dou Qi is a secret that cannot go widespread, who gave Xie Qian poison, he has yet to figure, if the murderer knows about this, he would be in danger. Xie Aoyu immediately chased after, at the same time shouted, “Xiao Bai, burn Te Luo Si’s corpse.”

His speed coupled with Dou Qi is terrifying.

Beside the time with Bing Wu, on the way to the newly opened restaurant to eat, very few pedestrian appeared to pass by here, thus not many blocked him and he very quickly caught up.

“Xie Gang!” With a single look, he recognise the identity of the person

This is the dog of Xie Zhe, Xie Gang.

Xie Gang saw Xie Aoyu discovered him, thus he ran away with his life.

With him running this fast, clearly he saw me killing Te Luo Si, since he already saw it Xie Aoyu’s heart twitched, he already thought about the problem.

If he did not see. Xie Qian will sure think he will be easy to bully, and not ran, but more likely to look trouble with him.

At the same time, another question arose in Xie Aoyu’s mind.

Since this place is extremely remote, what are the chances for Xie Qian to be here and coincidentally, saw Te Luo Si come to kill him? A thought flashed through Xie Aoyu’s mind.

This past year, even though he had continuously trained hard, he was still aware of the happenings that occured within Xie family. That is few people of his generation were killed, even Xie Lian went to him personally to warn him not to go out as much.

After seeing Xie Gang, he discovered an issue.

Those who were killed in Xie family, more or less had grievances with both Xie Zhe and Xie Gang.

This train of thought made Xie Aoyu’s murderous intent rise.

He took out his Lightning Spirit Saint Sword.


The Lightning Spirit Saint Sword emitted a sharp sound as it travels through the air.

Xie Gang who was running for his life heard the sound and turned his head to look. Scared for his life, he use much effort to dodge towards his left while the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword slightly cutting his left rib.

A trace of blood appeared, fresh blood starts flowing freely.

Xie Qian screamed in pain.

In a flash, Xie Aoyu leapt over, placing one of his foot on Xie Gang, stepping on him.

“SPEAK! Why are you here?” Xie Aoyu picked up the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword, place it horizontal to Xie Gang’s neck as he coldly asked. The Lightning Spirit Saint Sword sends out chills that frighten Xie Qian to the point of him trembling.

“I, I” Xie Gang sweated profusely.

Xie Aoyu coldly said, “Is it you and Xie Zhe cooperated with Te Luo Si to kill brothers of Xie family?”

“No.” Xie Gang screamed.


Xie Aoyu hand twitched.

A scratch appeared on xie Gang’s neck and blood started flowing.

“If you don’t speak. I wll kill you right now. In any case people do not know that I can cultivate DOu Qi, so no one will even suspect me.” Xie Aoyu said coldly, “If you speak i can let you live.”

“If i speak, you will let me live?” Xie Gang said while trembling.

The sword in Xie Aoyu’s hand flashed, the scared Xie Gang immediately spoke, “I’ll speak, I’ll speak! If you don’t kill me I will tell you who poisoned the sixth elder.”

The sixth elder is Xie Aoyu’s father, Xie Qian.

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