BE Chapter 13: Burning down of courtyard

BE Chapter 13: Burning down of courtyard

After knowing the story behind Xie Qian and Xie Kun’s enmity, it has proven that Xie Kun is the one who did it even more. This made Xie Aoyu who had just finished cultivating, unable to sleep despite being extremely exhausted.

Thinking of how he had to endure Xie Kun’s son’s taunt and ridicule for three years.

He thought of how every time he runs into Xie Kun, he would be grateful and respectful to him.

All these made Xie Aoyu almost went crazy.

“I can’t, if I don’t vent it, I WILL GO CRAZY.” Xie Aoyu rose up, and awoken the currently asleep Xiao Bai, “go, Let’s go to Xie Kun’s and play!”

He went out of the sixth elder’s courtyard, realising that Xie family is currently tight on guard.

Xie Aoyu walked about randomly,  observing his surrounding, he realise that it was not a class-one alert. Truth was Te Luo Si only killed people of his generation, the fact that he do not have to strength to stand equal with the elder, thus no worrying that he would intrude.

Using this opportunity, Xie Aoyu sneakily slipped into fourth elder’s courtyard.

Xie Aoyu have came here more than once, could be considered as familiar to here. He is familiar to the point that he could use his surrounding to sneakily slips into his backyard.

This is where Xie Kun plant his herbs.

Once he entered, there was a refreshing aroma that could calm one’s heart.

Flower and plant of various colors.

Behind this patch of plants and flowers are where the Xie Kun duo lived. In the middle of the night, the moon is the sky is dim, only partly visible. Yet in the residence light was bright, one could see people’s shadow moving.

Being familiar with this father son pair, Xie Aoyu could immediately recognise that it was Xie Kun and Xie Zhe.

Xie Aoyu stealthily crept towards the direction.

Reaching here, he made a flying leap landing on their roof. Removing a tile, he peeked into it. As he did, a loud slap on the face could be heard.


Xie Kun gave Xie Zhe a tight slap.

“Scoundrel, you actually cooperated with Te Luo Si to kill your own brothers.” Xie Kun said in a soft voice, in fear that others could hear, yet his face was full of anger, murderous intent filling the surrounding.

“You can’t blame on this… Who asked them to bully me all day long, ridicule me, saying that I am garbage. If not I would not have….” XIe Zhe tried to excuse himself, but after seeing Xie Kun raised his hand again, he quickly shut his mouth.

Xie Kun’s face is pale as he pace back and forth in his room.

Seeing the father son pair quarrel has made Xie Aoyu insanely happy in his heart. He made Xiao Bai stay down to prepare to create a fire at any time.

“What’s with Xie Gang then?” Xie Kun coldly asked.

“This.. I don’t know about this. I only made Xie Gang to deal with Te Luo Si, who knew Te Luo Si would killed him? He must have infuriated Te Luo Si! Xie Zhe replied.

Xie Kun narrowed both his eyes, staring at Xie Zhe, he realise his son is really heartless. That Xie Gang and him were best buds, yet today, Xie Gang died, not only is he not sad, he instead spout heartless words.

“Father, you… you… don’t look at me like this…” Xie Zhe felt chills being back faced by Xie Kun.

Shaking his head, Xie Kun said, “You are really heartless. If you are not my son, i would have butchered you.”

Xie Zhe tremble in fear, his mouth mumbled, “Are you even worst…. With your own two hands, you have made Xie Qian remain unconscious until now….”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” Xie Kun took a fierce step forward. He held onto Xie Zhe’s collar, raising him, “HOW DID YOU KNOW OF THIS MATTER? SPEAK!”

Xie Aoyu who was still on the roof immediately prickled up his ear.

Xie zhe grabbed Xie Kun’s hand, said trembling, “Father, I am your son… Don’t kill me… I only overheard it… I’m not lying..”

Xie Kun’s face twitched, as his face turn hideous, he fiercely swung his hand away, throwing Xie Zhe on the ground, “There cannot be a third person who know of this matter, OTHERWISE..”

“I won’t say, I DEFINITELY WON’T SAY.” Xie Zhe shouted out.

Xie Aoyu felt it was a little strange.

It is because he felt that Xie Kun really had the idea of wanting to kill Xie Zhe.

“You better remember, if this was to spread, you will die very miserably. If it have to end that way, i might as well end it right now.” Xie Kun’s face turn pale as he say.

“Father, unless..” Xie Zhe asked.

Xie Kun coldly snorted and reply, “I do not have Divergent flame, no formular, how am i able to refine a poison that even Zi Yan can’t cure of? It was given by others.” He took a long breath, “you go back and rest, REMEMBER, from today onwards, without my permission you are not to go out.”

Xie Zhe wanted bade his goodbye, however looking at the pale face of Xie Kun, he immediately shut his mouth and obediently return to his room.

“UNLEASH THE FLAMES!” Xie Aoyu saw the situation and said in a low voice.

Xiao Bai who was already prepared began to wave his claw about.

In an instant, small fireball could be seen dancing in the sky.

Althose these fireballs are weak, a countless of them would actually be shocking.


Those flowers and plants were ignited by the raging fire in an instant, burning in the flames.

Xie Aoyu held Xiao bai and ran away. He knew this will definitely alarm the whole of Xie family, after all they are in alert state.


Xie Kun took a glimpse and saw the shadow of Xie Aoyu just as he shouted angrily, he soard to the sky.

He threw Xiao Bai aside to prevent others from noticing, afterall the only one in Xie family to have a White Ling beast is him. At the same time he understood, if Xie Kun were to chase him with the use of poison, his life will really be in danger.

He ripped off a piece of cloth to cover his face, as he took out the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword, he fiercely slashed.

Under the moonlight, the Lightning Spirit Saint Sword left a trail of purple light in the sky.

With a sharp howling sound, it cut down the long sword that Xie Kun just took out.


The long sword was divided into two.

Xie Kun was knocked away by the blow.

Xie Aoyu had cut the long sword into two in an instant, rendering Xie Kun no way to continue the chase. He then turn around and escaped Xie Kun’s courtyard, vanishing along with the dark.

After leaving safely, Xie Aoyu took a long breath, it was narrowly close.

At the same time, he understood the strength of Xie Kun. He really is useless, already few decades old, yet still in Advance realm middle rank.

If he wasn’t an alchemy, Xie Aoyu would have confidence just by borrowing the power from Lightning Spirit Saint Sword and Dragon Overlord fist, he could jump rank and kill him.

However, after listening to the father son pair quarelling, his heart felt incomparably refreshing.

After ensuring he is safe, he pretend as if he just saw the fireworks, following the crowd mixing into the fourth elder’s courtyard. Looking at the fire burning away the flowers and plants that Xie Kun painstakingly planted, his heart was filled with immense joy.

As for those flowers and plants that could help cultivate the Medicinal Spirit Finger, he could not even be bothered about it.

Medicinal Spirit Finger requires High level herbs, these are considered very ordinary.

You father and son pair, just you wait. After i cultivate Medicinal Spirit Finger successfully, i will get rid the two of you. Xie Aoyu sword in his heart.

After venting, Xie Aoyu felt his whole body was able to relax.

After finally releasing the frustration that he had built up, he then reutrned to his own home, making the servants leave and said to the unconscious Xie Qian, “Father, I know of the identity who poisoned you. Today i burned the plants that he painstakingly grew. Once i’ve cultivated the Medicinal Spirit Finger, I’ll definitely get my revenge!”

Beside visiting Zi Yan to cultivate the Medicinal Spirit Finger every other day, he goes to the back mountain to crazily cultivate his Dou Qi. gradually he discovered a strange phenomenon.

It was Zi Yan’s Shadow Demon Spirit Flame!

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