BE Chapter 14: Bizarre change

BE Chapter 14: Bizarre change

Originally Xie Aoyu belongs to the earth, lightning and wood elements, when he was used his Dou Qi, it was generally mixed with the characteristics from all three, and when he used the Dragon Overlord fist, there were faint hints of these element in his attacks, but these would only be those three elements, nothing else.

For example, Dragon Overlord fist belongs to the earth element.

Once Xie Aoyu used the Dragon Overlord fist, the earth element of would be triggered vigorously every time it was used. The vigorous earth element would be predominant.

Naturally the Dragon Overlord fist is relatively unique, it is a fusion of many Dou technique of different element, and now Xie Aoyu still have yet to display the full mightiness of the Dragon Overlord fist. However, as he goes through with Zi Yan’s Shadow Demon Spirit Fire to cultivate his Medicinal Spirit Finger, he realise, he might have obtained the fire element.

When he said might, it was because he has tested on the elemental testing crystal ball before, the result was that he did not have any fire element, but the other three elements. However as he was using his Dou Qi, he clearly felt the that his Dou Qi contains a faint trace of fire element’s properties, specifically properties of the Shadow Demon Spirit Fire.

It was unreal.

If it is real then it shall be, if it is fake, it shall also be.

“Xiao Bai, come feel it again.” Xie Aoyu waved his sword around.

Lightning Spirit Saint Sword dimly emitted a light, a slight swing pulverize the boulder into piece, sending pieces of rock everywhere. At the same time the sword seemed to emit a slight sensation of burning.

“Yiya, Yiya!” Xiao Bai heavily nodded, saying there indeed have trace of fire element.

Xie Aoyu lifted his Lightning Spirit Saint Sword and said with a smile, “This is weird, unless because of ZI Yan sister helping me cultivate Medicinal Spirit Finger, I managed to have obtained the fire element during the process?”

After giving it a thought, Xie Aoyu felt that this is too incredible to be true.

Element is something set since birth, if there was any influence on it, the relation with their parents would have the biggest impact and the environment the female is in during pregnancy. As for changing one’s element, it isn’t entirely impossible, Xie Aoyu once read in a book recording of such incident, but it required many complicated stuff to deal with it.

But now it happened to him due to the 3-coloured ball.

This increased Xie Aoyu’s interest in the 3-coloured ball. What exactly is that thing?”

It brought him terrifying strength.

Even disregarding the Thunder God body technique scroll’s electricity.

It had allowed him to cultivate his Dou Qi.

Now he was emitting the characteristics of Shadow Demon Spirit Flame, everything is incredible even for one to think about. It could be said that the 3-coloured ball miraculous power had completely changed Xie Aoyu’s life.

Xie Aoyu arrive by the side of the pond, he stretches his hand to grab some water.

Flowing his Dou Qi, he made the water gather into a small water ball on his palm, Xie Aoyu then slowly inject his Dou Qi into the water ball.

Water and fire repels one another.

As Dou Qi enters, Xie Aoyu did not meant for it to attack, just trying to get it fused, however his Dou Qi contains traces of fire that were once hidden, thus unable to.

It was finally appeared.

“YIYA!” Xiao Bai stared with his eyes wide open.

Only to see inside the small water ball contained the trace of fire that was once hidden now partially visible. Its figure seemed exactly the same as Zi Yan’s Shadow Demon Spirit Flame, except the small flame seemed more illusory and unreal.

“It seems like this should be the Shadow Demon Spirit flame in Primary realm stage…” Xie Aoyu muttered.

If he could reach the standard which Zi Yan has reached for her Shadow Demon Spirit Flame, its might would be extremely fearful. Oe must know that even if Zi Yan only relied on the Shadow Demon Spirit Flame, it is so fearful that even any expert below Zhi Sheng realm would retreat.

Meanwhile, he injects his Dou Qi on the surface of the pond.


A fiery shadow suddenly emerges.

In that instant, the pond’s water had become a waterfall and the depth increased by one meter, demonstrating the flame’s terrifying power.

This has proven, although still pale when compared to the original Shadow Demon Spirit flame, its might is beyond any other ordinary flames.

This situation made Xie Aoyu came up with a strange idea.

If he were to combined many Divergent flame with the 3-coloured ball in his body, what would happen? Would it be able to so terrifying even the formidable Shadow Demon Spirit flame would have to admit defeat?

It was just a simple thought, Xie Aoyu did not gave too much thought into it, as Divergent is extremely rare, being able to see one would be considered not bad already.

“Your constitution is really strange.”

A clear and cold voice sounded from behind Xie Aoyu without any warning, scaring him. No one should have known where he went to cultivate.

Turning his body, Xie Aoyu kept alert as he looked behind him.

He caught a glimpse of Bing Wu.

“Heehee, this is my master.” Bing Wu pointed to the women beside her.

Xie Aoyu turns his head to see, only to see a women standing beside Bing Wu, her tender body is tall, skin white as snow. She wore a silked sleeve Qipao, that extrudes the elegant curvature of a women. A cool breeze blew, gently making her skirt fluttered, like an angel, her pair of eyes looks like the autumn water, her pupils moved, like a gentle wave.

Even without displaying her cold intentions, it  could still make one feel rejected thousand miles away, this is the Qi Ao continent’s beauty, Butterfly Queen You Lan Ruo.

“Greetings senior.” Xie Aoyu politely greeted.

You Lan Ruo nodded indifferently, “Your father once sent someone looking after me concerning your special constitution. I have researched about it for awhile, but failed to get any result. Can you tell me how you can cultivate Dou Qi?”

“Junior doesn’t know either.” Xie Aoyu naturally could not say any incident related to the 3-coloured ball. That is his biggest secret, “Junior had cultivated the Lightning God body technique, that might be related to how i was able to cultivate Dou Qi.”

He also understood that if one have to let You Lan Ruo such a genius to believe, he must have a convincing reason, and that being the Lightning God body technique.

After all the Lightning God body technique is famous in the continent, known as one of the strongest body cultivation technique.

“Lightning God body technique?” You Lan Rou slightly pressed on her delicate brows.

“This is what junior think of, other than that, junior can’t think of anything special that happened before i could cultivate Dou Qi.” Xie Aoyu answered, carrying a strange feeling that You Lan Ruo did not believe in him.

You Lan Ruo lightly nodded her head, “You have cultivated the Medicinal Spirit Finger?”

Xie Aoyu was startled and said “How did senior… know?”

“I once had a friend who cultivated it, your pinky on your left finger is clearly different from the others.” speaking to here, You Lan Ruo paused, “it also contains Shadow Demon Spirit flame!”

His left pinky was only slightly thicker than his right pinky, without a clear look, one cannot determine it. However, to You Lan Ruo, it clearly is different in thickness.

She is really observant.

However, he knew, what You Lan Ruo truly cared about was the Shadow Demon Spirit flame.

“Perhaps this has something to do with my constitution. Zi Yan sister helped me in cultivating the Medicinal Spirit Finger, i do not know why but now my body has some traces of Shadow Demon Spirit flame.” Xie Aoyu said.

You Lan Ruo eyes emitted a golden light, sweeping across Xie Aoyu, examining him.

Xie Aoyu’s heart went wild for a few moments.

That is the ‘Illusory breaking vision’ of the fable.

This is not something that could be cultivated, but it is given since birth. It is an extremely strong eye technique, able to see through all illusions, reflecting the truth.

Will it see through the existence of the 3-coloured ball?

Xie Aoyu worried.

The sharp golden ray of light stopped for a moment around Xie Aoyu’s chest, then swept past. You Lan Ruo said lightly, “Your constitution is really interesting.”

Letting out a breath secretly, Xie Aoyu hurries to change the topic, not talking about his constitution, “Senior’s visit, do you have any advice?’

You Lan Ruo said, “I plan to take Bing Wu away to training and wanted to let her say goodbye. Other than that, i just happen to see you forming a Divergent flame in front of me. In the past few days, i happen to discover a divergent flame at a cave of XiaoLang mountain. Perhaps you can try and retrieve it.”

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