BE Chapter 12: Really a freak

BE Chapter 12: Really a freak

“WHAT? WHAT did you say?!” Zi Yan almost jumped up in shock.

With her composure and her mentality, she has came across countless matters, she has already trained herself to the point where even if the sky falls, she would not lose her composure, but after listening to Xie Aoyu’s word, she almost jumped in shocked.

The heat of the Shadow Demon Spirit Flame can be accounted for top five, yet he felt nothing.

What a joke!

“There is no feeling.” Xie Aoyu understands, this must the work of the 3-coloured ball, but he isn’t sure if the way he does would cause the Medicinal Spirit Finger cultivation in failure.

“You really don’t feel anything? Brat, you better not be stubborn and act tough.” Zi Yan said.

Xie Aoyu smiled and said, “Do I look like i’m acting tough?”

“You aren’t but I am!” Zi Yan stared with her beautiful eyes wide open, “I’m the one acting strong, god!” TN: she’s swearing, i’m keeping it pg.


Xie Aoyu was stunned by Zi Yan’s foul language.

“What are you looking at, have you never seen a beautiful lady scolding vulgar?” Zi Yan stared and said fiercely, “the reason for beauty swear is you, you are a freak! Even my Shadow Demon Spirit Flame did not incur any feeling on you, FREAK! I must research this.”

“Alright then, do you want me to strip off all of my clothes for cooperation?” Xie Aoyu laughed.

“Brat, you are taking advantage of me.” Zi Yan increased the intensity of the Shadow Demon Spirit Flame.

However, same as previously, did not made Xie Aoyu feel anything.

He only felt a faint trace of warm current flowing from his finger, entering his left chest, being absorbed by the 3-coloured ball who was stored there.

Those ointment, compounded medicines started to melt, integrating into the finger of Xie Aoyu’s.

However these items did not get absorbed by the 3-coloured ball, instead it was stored inside of Xie Aoyu’s finger, making his finger look like it had gain a few weight.

Following which, Zi Yan increased the intensity of Shadow Demon Spirit Flame’s intensity, she carefully observe Xie Aoyu. Indeed no even a slight feeling of pain, this made Zi Yan sigh, “Looks like, you.. Really have hope of becoming the second person who can cultivate Medicinal Spirit Finger successfully.”

“ Doesn’t Medicinal Spirit Finger have another stage which is more difficult?” Xie Aoyu asked.

“Don’t worry.” Zi Yan waved her hand, “As long as you pass this stage, you will have sufficient time to travel Hengduan mountain, there lies numerous rare plant. I will think of ways to get some treasure, there is still lots of hope.”

Xie Aoyu felt grateful and said, “Many thanks Zi Yan sister.”

Zi Yan smiled, “Don’t need to thank me, as long as you can successfully cultivate the Medicinal Spirit Finger, I, Zi Yan will have my name go down in history. This will make me proud for a lifetime.”

As both of them chatted happily, the medicine and ointment has long integrated into Xie Aoyu’s finger.

“Alright, that is it for today, you will come back the day after tomorrow. Remember to come once every other day.” Zi Yan ordered him.

“If I were to do other things, will it affect the finger?” Xie Aoyu asked.

“No, you can do whatever you want, as long as the fingers does not gets chop off would be fine.” Zi Yan replied.

This is great, Xie Aoyu still needs to cultivate.

Even more crazier cultivation!

Fourth elder ol’ Xie Kun strength might be bad, but it is still Advance realm middle rank. Not only he need to cultivate the Medicinal Spirit Finger to restraint him, he also needs to cultivate his Dou Qi.

Strength is the key!

After bidding goodbye with Zi Yan, Xie Aoyu returned to the Xie family. He must continue to cultivate, after knowing the fiend who harmed Xie Qian, it stimulated Xie Aoyu to cultivate even more.

“Ao yu!”

Just as he return to the courtyard, family leader Xie Lian followed along.

“Uncle, do you have any matter?” Xie Aoyu asked.

Xie Lian face looks terrible, “Aoyu, do you remember I once told you about people in the family getting killed?”

“I remember.” the moment Xie Aoyu heard of this, he immediately knew it was related to Xie Gang, but he remained composed.

“Just a moment ago, someone discovered Xie Gang’s corpse!” Xie Lian placed both his hand behind him, pacing backing and forth in the room, “I came here specially to warn you, before capturing the murderer, do not head out as and when you want.”

Looking at how Xie Lian cared about him, he has busy recently due to the many death of Xie family, he still came immediately to warn him. This made Xie Aoyu’s heart feel warm.

He had the urge to tell Xie Lian of the truth.

In the end, he still kept it to himself.

“Uncle, do you know of any enmity between my father and fourth elder?” Xie Aoyu asked

“Why did you suddenly ask of this?” Xie Lian startled.

Xie Aoyu laughed dryly and said, “You most likely have heard about how Xie Zhe and I haven’t been seeing eye to eye. It can be seen that with the span of three years of my father in coma, he always come finding trouble with me.”

“This ….” Xie Lian’s wrinkled his brows.

Xie Aoyu saw his action, knew there would be some problem, he said, “Uncle, just tell me, at least i will have to understand it. I can’t possibly stand being bullied with knowing the reason.”

Heaving a deep sigh, Xie Lian blamed himself, “it’s my fault, I did not take care of you well when Xie Qian is in coma, allowing Xie Zhe that jerk to bully you.”

“I do not blame uncle.” Xie Aoyu not only don’t blame, instead he felt extremely grateful. This three years he could see how Xie Lian has taken care of him.

“Ai…. to begin the enmity of your father and Xie Kun began because of Ao Te Si family.” Xie Lian recalled his memories, “That year, your father and Xie Kun were the backbones of Xie family. One of them is a martial art genius, the other is a highly talented alchemist. Both of them originally supported each other mutually, bringing Xie family to greater height together. However because of a Divergent flame, they started falling out on each other.”

Following Xie Lian’s narration, Xie Aoyu understood that one of Ao Te Si family member had discovered a Divergent flame that year. However Ao Te Si family does not have an alchemist, thus they wanted to conceal the news, they did not want their sworn enemy to know. In the end, god knows where Xie Kun gotten the news from, thus he went finding that person.

As a result, no only did he not find it, because Ao Te Si family wanted to deal with Xie family, Xie Qian went ahead and killed Ao Te Si family, killing the one who know where the Divergent flame is placed at, causing Xie Kun to hate Xie Qian.

The alchemist occupation is really unique, to become a High level alchemist, even grandmaster level, ancestor level, one must prepare two things. One being High level medicine formula, the other being Divergent flame. Originally the Divergent flame was close to his hand, however the chance was destroyed by your father, Xie Kun will naturally hate your father. Thereafter the relation of this two has caused them not to even speak a single word with each other. However your father did not know of the matter at the point of time, he only heard of the news, came back in the nick of time. However they did not get mad at the scene. Until your father is in coma, he placed down the hatred in his heart, helping your father to find cure.” Xie Lian said

Putting down his hatred?

Finding cure for father?

Xie Aoyu criticized the despicable Xie Kun in his heart, he clearly is trying to get him secretly. That bastard, i will make you pay for your actions.

“I think perhaps he might be the one who did it.” Xie Aoyu ridiculed.

“It’s impossible, definitely impossible.” Xie Lian could not believe.

Xie Aoyu said, “If he did it, what would uncle do?”

“This..” Xie Lian shook his head, “It definitely won’t be him, he is the only alchemist in Xie family.”

Xie Aoyu no longer continue asking, he understood what Xie Lian meant, naturally, he is clear Xie Lian is doing this for the sake of the entire Xie family. It seems like he could only depend on himself.

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