About me

Name: Light Onion

Age: Your guess

Gender: Hard to figure

Language: Not Chinese, Not English, sometimes cats

About me: I’m born ethically Chinese, with English being my first language, I had to grind Chinese through my years of life. I’m new to the translating community so I hope none of you take it tough on me for being slow. This is probably gonna be translated by NOT MY CAT and definitely me, you can take it 100% from me.


Are you going to finish the translation for BE?
Probably yes, (there’s 2426 chapter). But most likely I will need your help and support along the way. Your continual feedback will help me.

How long does it take for you to translate?

Roughly 6 hours, I take 3 hours on translating, and another 3 to edit and make it fluent enough for reading.

Do you have a job?

Yeah, I work as an admin, standard 8-6 job, so I can’t do a chapter a day

Do you have a life?


Why light onion?

I was in a dark room when i created the username, so i used the opposite of dark, as for onion it’s cause i’ve yet to cry to one.