BE Chapter 7: One year of tough training

BE Chapter 7: One year of tough training TN: From now on Xie Gan's name will be changed to Xie Qian, sorry for such a mistake, i have edited everything accordingly. Xie Gan was the name for Xie Aoyu's father. the word 乾 has two pronunciation to it. it is a mistake on my end, sorry. … Continue reading BE Chapter 7: One year of tough training

BE Chapter 4: Xiao Bai

Battle Emperor Chapter 4: Xiao Bai After spending three days, standing still under the waterfall and breathe. It took nearly nine days to reach the center of the waterfall while being able to breathe, withstanding the waterfalls’ strongest current impact. "Splash!” "Splash!" The Waterfall falls unceasingly. Heavy strike falls onto Xie Aoyu’s body, as his … Continue reading BE Chapter 4: Xiao Bai

BE Chapter 3: Unimaginable change

Chapter 3: Unimaginable change TN: I’ve spent roughly the past 12 hours on doing this, getting some rest. The next few releases might be delayed. Looking at the tree dumbfoundedly, Xie Aoyu could not believe it. He stretched his hand, and touched it, confirming the tree had actually had indeed been broken. Even if so, … Continue reading BE Chapter 3: Unimaginable change